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Poor Customer Service. Lies Told.

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Poor Customer Service. Lies Told.

Postby JeremyintheAir on Thu Sep 12, 2013 12:17 pm

I ordered a pair of Seregeti Aviators. When I pressed the "submit" button it was for a "non-polarized" version. About an hour and a half later I checked my email and saw the confirmation said "Polarized". I immediately called to change the order. A man named John asked me for an MPN or some other number for the non-Polarized version. I said I did not know but I simply needed the Non-Polarized version of what I ordered. He seemed a bit put off by this and said he would need a number. I told him I was driving so it was not possible to look it up online at that moment. He said he could hold the order and I could call back later. I asked that he cancel the order and I would simply place a new order that evening. He again seemed a bit put off but said it had been cancelled.

Not feeling good about the phone call, I sent an email a few hours later to confirm the order had indeed been cancelled. The lady who replied to the email said it "might" have been; John had put a stop notice in but a lot of times the order ships anyway. And did it? Of course it did! I am sure they figured if the order shipped there is a good probability of me just being lazy and not sending it back. Today, 4 days later, I got a notification that the product shipped.

So to recap, what I pressed submit on and what the order said was shipping was wrong. Calling just an hour and a half later does not get the order cancelled, even when it doesn't ship until FOUR DAYS LATER!!

The service is horrible and it is better to just buy from a local store or the manufacturer rather than go through a middle man that apparently has to little to no control of the middle.

Don't go through these people. Their service is absolutely horrible. After sending this complaint all I got was a lame response about how they take pride in fast order confirmations - Yeah you take money fast I get it. I have filed complaints with the BBB and continue to spread the word about the poor service.
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Re: Poor Customer Service. Lies Told.

Postby ruboat on Fri Sep 13, 2013 7:12 am

Absolutley the worst customer service. I was lied to and given the run around for the past three weeks after they sent me someone else's order. Still no resolution. Order number 4417029. I will never order from this looser of a company again.
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Re: Poor Customer Service. Lies Told.

Postby Guest on Fri Sep 13, 2013 11:07 am

Well I have to post the good stuff too....
Christopher at Opticsplanet called me this morning and addressed the problem: The glasses are actually Non-Polarized and there was a glitch with the shipping wording. He apologized, said he spoke to his rep and also would cover the return shipping and a discount if there was anything wrong. I guess I cannot really ask for more than that, except I wish it had happened before I blew my top!

Re: Poor Customer Service. Lies Told.

Postby AdamC on Fri Sep 13, 2013 11:21 am


I'm glad to see the issue was resolved and that you're happy about it! Still, we should not have messed up in the first place, and I'm sorry about that. Let us know if you need anything else!


I don't know if someone else has contacted you about that, but I'm sorry for the frustration and lack of a resolution up to this point. In case you haven't been contacted recently, I've escalated your order and I'll do my best to make sure it gets taken care of ASAP!