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Unhappy with order

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Unhappy with order

Postby sc53 on Fri Feb 26, 2010 11:26 am

This was my first order (and possibly my last) with Optics Planet.
I ordered a Bushnell Banner scope and a couple of mounts for my rifle.
The order process was painless and seemed to go well.

Tuesday I checked on my shipment and much to my surprise it was delivered....but not to me.
Someone in their shipping department put the wrong street address and the package was delivered there. I contacted OP and it was then they realized their mistake and said they will check on it. Customer service contacts me again later in the week and said they are having UPS get the package but they are not sure if they will redeliver to the correct address or return it to them and then have to reship.

First weekend lost.

Now I get a call on the following Tuesday and they inform me the package cannot be found at the address they delivered too (surprise) and they will send me another scope. But, they don't have the mounts as I got the last ones. They check with a partner company and find the mounts and say they will ship direct but cannot guarantee I will have them this weekend.
Well today I receive the mounts but the scope won't be delivered until Monday!

Another weekend lost!

You think they would have expedited the shipping to make sure I received the scope ASAP due to them making the mistakes.

Re: Unhappy with order

Postby Steven_L on Mon Mar 01, 2010 5:43 pm

Sorry your order didn't go as it should've. No excuses. What you described is an anomaly. With all the checks we have this is extremely unusual. A call into a customer service manager should result in a discount to insure your future satisfaction if you were to give us another chance.
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Re: Unhappy with order

Postby sc53 on Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:17 am

Well it got worse.
They reshipped the replacement scope to the SAME wrong address again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WTH is wrong with your shipping department?
While the customer service people I have spoke to have been very polite & helpful, the problem has not been fixed.
I have requested the order be cancelled and my money refunded.
We'll see how long THAT takes.
Worst buying experience I have ever encountered.
I will NEVER do business with OP again after this experience.