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Question about custom sunglasses or Rx sunglasses

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Question about custom sunglasses or Rx sunglasses

Postby CStewTAMU on Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:37 pm

I was wanting to order something from this site, however I had some general questions.

My vison is fine. I don't need corrective lenses. However, I do want to customize a pair of Ray Bans and when I got to the Rx order section, it gives me a lot more options. doesn't do customized orders, surprisingly. What they got on their site is it. So if you see the frames you want but not the color lens you want, it's too bad. Or if you want a polarized model and it's not on the site, too bad also.

Is ordering a "prescription" sunglasses a way around this? Like I said, I don't need anything corrective and am just questioning this avenue as a way of customizing. If I just leave the lens Rx info blank, will they just send me a non corrective pair?

What I want is this:

-Ray Ban 3030 Outdoorsman black frame (standard 58mm size)-must have brow bar and hook around the ear temple cables
-gray lens, although green is acceptable
-solid blue mirrored finish on the outside of the lens
-optical glass lens (don't want polycarbonate, CR39, or any other resin or polymer lens) only seems to offer the 3030 in two models. Artista frames with G15 green lens or black frames with grey lens. Neither are polarized. That's it. No other frame or lens color options seem to be available. You'd think if there was one style that'd defintiely be polarized, it'd be these. I don't get it.
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Re: Question about custom sunglasses or Rx sunglasses

Postby larumd on Tue Jan 24, 2012 11:33 am

We can offer you glass polarized lenses with mirror coating. I do want to also explain that Ray-Ban doesn’t have a prescription program. They authorize labs across the country to match the color, materials and technology of Ray-Bans non-prescription lenses. You will not receive Ray-Ban prescription lenses anywhere at this time. In this case we employ the largest lab in Illinois to produce the Ray-Ban lenses in prescription form. The lab is able to produce lenses with or without vision correction. However once they produce a lens it is no longer an original Ray-Ban lens with the logo.

You may want to talk to me over the phone. You seem to have quite a few questions that we can address over the phone.

I look forward to working with you.
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