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Julbo rx lenses

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Julbo rx lenses

Postby Lhotse12 on Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:08 pm


I am look at a pair of Prescription Julbo explorer glasses, for high mountain use. Below is my info for RX

OD - Sphere -3.50, Cyl. -.50, Axis 080
OS - Sphere -3.75, Cyl. -.75, Axis 123

I had been looking at these elsewhere, and what I am needing is something along the lines of a Cat.4 glacial Lens 92-93% density (7-8%VLT). (I saw from a previous post that the Grey, Brown and Green Smoke are 12-18%), are there any that are more dense; I.E. the Polarized Blue Mirror Lenses, etc? or a photocromatic lense that would range from 20% down to 8%VLT.

Thanks for your time!

Re: Julbo rx lenses

Postby larumd on Wed May 01, 2013 3:59 pm


We can add that solid black mirror to it for a little further protection. The black mirror on a polarized gray lens with AR back side coating would really darken that lens to about a 10%. The only way to get them darker is to get a welding lens. Which we do not offer.

If you are glacier climbing do not use a polarized lens. Stick non-polar tints.

Please let us know if you need pricing for these options.
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