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Postby feeln17 on Mon Aug 17, 2009 4:30 pm

hello everyone, i have a question please, I recently misplaced my rechargable Maglite and would like some help in replacing it. I am a trucker and find the size and brightness great! was needing to know can I get a 3 watt or bigger LED type and still get the ability to focus and will it have the same brightness ? weather proff would be nice also. with all the new stuff out there it's a nightmare trying to decide. I like the idea of a strobe too might come in handy in the remote areas I travel too. any sugestions will be apreciated . rechargeable is a plus to as I hate buying those bat.
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Re: decission

Postby Ryan_W on Wed Aug 19, 2009 1:18 pm


It's difficult to get an LED with adjustable focus. Most of the higher end companies are producing LED lights with a tight central beam and an outer beam that covers a good wide area at the same time. For a light that you use regularly, a rechargeable might be a good idea.

For a nice compact light, my personal favorite is the Streamlight Strion LED. This is a super bright light with 3 brightness settings and a strobe feature.

For a slightly larger light with a tighter focused beam, check out the Streamlight Stinger DS LED.
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