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Stable Tabletop Tripod w/Bogen 3265 Action Grip

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Stable Tabletop Tripod w/Bogen 3265 Action Grip

Postby mike_nich on Mon Apr 20, 2009 5:33 am

Do you have a preference for a tabletop tripod that would accept my Bogen 3265 Action Grip Ball Head supporting the straight Brunton Eterna 80mm ED 20-60x? The Bogen 3265 is nice to have, but not a hard requirement. Wind gusts 20-25 can be expected. I wouldn't bother you with this, but I've seen some tripods with longer front legs, I assume to support spotting scopes where the center of gravity is behind the tripod mounting screw.

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Re: Stable Tabletop Tripod w/Bogen 3265 Action Grip

Postby Jne_K on Mon Apr 20, 2009 6:53 am


Sorry, no such thing as a table top tripod that will do a good job on an 80mm scope, even under ideal conditions, not to mention those kinds of wind. No one makes a heavy duty table top tripod or shooter's tripod, at least that we carry. Wish I could source one, but no luck as of yet.

Grip Actions heads are sepcially prone to stability issues since they sit the scope higher off the legs than a conventional video head. Would never put one on a table top. Save that head for a full size tripod.
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