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Information overload

We will answer your tripod questions here, so go ahead and post your questions regarding tripods, bi-pods, monopods and anything related.

Information overload

Postby Toobroke on Fri Jul 17, 2009 3:29 pm


I have a Leica 77 Televid and am unhappy with the cheap/undersized tripods I have been using--definitely not getting my money's worth out of the optics...

I have read thru your tripod/spotting scopes forums as well as several other optics/birdwatching forums and I'm afraid I'm suffering from information overload. I was most impressed with your answers which is why I'm turning to you for help.

I was initially looking for a table mount, but I see you really don't recommend one, other than the Leupold. I already have the Leupold and it is not as stable as I would like.

I use this scope mostly at the range, but also in the field; both hunting and on vacation. I live/hunt in North Dakota where it gets, shall we say, a little breezy at times.

Which tripod/kit would you recommend? Do you also have a window mount you would recommend as well?

Thanks for any info/advise you can give me.
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Re: Information overload

Postby Jne_K on Mon Jul 20, 2009 8:03 am


No such thing as a good tabletop tripod or compact for that large a scope. Don't waste your time looking. Go directly to a full size tripod with enough capacity to handle the job. Minimum is a Bogen kit, such as the ... d-kit.html Spending more will get you conveninece items like lever locks and leg warmers or some reduced weight, but not necessarily more stability. This would be the absolute minimum I would recommend for any good spotting scope in the 80mm class.
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