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MAnfrottoTripod Head 498rc2 vs 496rc2

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MAnfrottoTripod Head 498rc2 vs 496rc2

Postby chrgeb on Fri May 21, 2010 11:53 am

Hi Joanie,

I'm trying to make up my mind in buying a Tripod legs and a head to go with far i have narrowed it down to the 190XPROB legs and the 496rc2 or 498rc2.My current gear is Nikon D-90, 18-105 lens and SB-800 flash and for future a battery grip and 80-300 lens.what would you recomend for this especially between the heads. Also please let me know if you have suggestions for other combinations.


Re: MAnfrottoTripod Head 498rc2 vs 496rc2

Postby Jne_K on Mon May 24, 2010 8:05 am

For long telephoto work with a 300mm lens, even a small aperture 300, I would go for the heavier head, the 498rc4. It also has the larger QR plate.

Of course, this assumes you prefer a ball head for your work. I'm not a particular fan of ball heads in this price range. They still don't have the stability of a good video or three way head at the same price, since they set the camera too high off the legs for my taste, but mostly because they don't have a large enough ball to support a lot of weight of you plan to add with a good flash and a 300mm telephoto. A ball head that can support that kind of weight and do a good job is a much, much more expensive proposition, usually well over $400. Unless you can afford it, I'd stay with a conventional head, in that price range, such as the 128RC. It won't get you the slick ball head operation, but ti will handle that kind of load, better.
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