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Trouble with OI-10 condensor

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Trouble with OI-10 condensor

Postby Rocketcaver on Thu Feb 28, 2008 6:22 pm

A freind of mine is having some trouble, I thought I would post his question here and see what we can find out. He writes:

>Have you had experience using the Lomo Light/darkfield condenser OI-
>10?I know it is for use with the Biolam series R which is the one I
>have it fitted in,but for the life of me I cannot get darkfield
>conditions.The objectives I have fitted are all Lomo(3.5x0.10, 9x0.
>20,20x0. 40 and 40x0.65)
>I know this condenser should be used in darkfield only with objectives
>of less than the n.a. of the condenser,which is 0.7 so are the
>objectives I am using OK? If so... any ideas as to what may

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.
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Postby Jne_K on Tue Mar 04, 2008 5:46 am


We forwarded your question to LOMO and this is their response. Hope it helps.

OI-10 is a very old LOMO condenser, I am not familiar with it.

Well, first of all try obvious:

Try to center the condenser
Try to center the light source
Make sure the condenser top optical element is oiled properly

If it does not help, there is a possibility that it is nit designed to work with this light source…
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