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Konustudy-3 100x~1200x ?

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Konustudy-3 100x~1200x ?

Postby Sahara on Sun Dec 20, 2009 12:03 pm

I have been looking for a microscope lately that would give me the ability to see blood cells, maybe some tissue cells. After reading your Microscope Guide for beginners I came across this microscope: Konus Microscope and based on what was said in the guide ("Very small subjects - cells and microorganisms - require a lot of magnification and you will need to prepare a glass slide to observe them. The slide is then used with a compound light microscope at magnifications anywhere from 40x all the way up to a maximum of 1500x, depending on the subject.") I am considering buying this microscope, but I would like to confirm it would give me the ability to see the blood cells, and possibly the tissue cells scraped from a cheek?
Am I correct in assuming this would allow me to do what I am looking to do?

Re: Konustudy-3 100x~1200x ?

Postby Jne_K on Mon Dec 21, 2009 10:09 am


No, definitely not. The KonuStudy is is a toy microscope and it lacks all the essential features for serious use or for actually learning how to use a microscope. Unfortunately, all manufactures that make microscopes at this price dress them up with scientific jargon and terminology that have nothing to do with the actual potential of the product.

With only a few exceptions, all microscopes under $100 are toys and the few that are not toys still lack at least some of the features of a student microscope. For a sutdent grade microscope, prices start at about $150 and go up rapidly from there. Be sure to read my article, Microscopes for Students before you buy a microscope. It will list some good choices and also the features to look for in a serious microscope
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