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Mushroom Spore Study

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Mushroom Spore Study

Postby rick on Sun Sep 12, 2010 5:29 pm

I'm looking for a microscope to do some mushroom spore study and measurements. I was looking at the Nikon Eclipse 100 Educational / Biological Upright 120v Microscope for this task. Any thoughts on this combination. I've worked with some microscopes in my college Anatomy class, but never with the oil immersion lens which I believe I'll need and powers only up to 400X.
Thank you
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Re: Mushroom Spore Study

Postby Robin_P on Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:28 am

Rick, Nikon does not carry a 40X oil immersion objective, I don't know anyone who does. Oil immersion is not necessary at 400X. Oil immersion is necessary at higher magnifications to match the refractive index of the glass coverslip. 400X should be perfect for imaging the spores. The Nikon Eclipse E100, MCA71201, would be an excellent microsope for spores. Should you need the 100X oil immersion it is included with this microscope package. You will also need an eyepiece reticle. The recommended reticle for spores is the crossline with 10mm scale in 100 graduations; Nikon # 175966. A stage micrometer is necessary to calibrate the reticle; Nikon # MBM111000. For information on measuring with a microscope see the Micrometry page on Microscopy U. Please post again if you have any further questions.
Robin P.
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