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Brand Comparisons

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Brand Comparisons

Postby TiffanyinTexas on Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:29 am

I know what I need as there are lots of sites out there with that information but I can't find any ratings for brands. I know which ones are the BMW's and Mercedes but I'm not sure which of the microscopes are Toyota's and which are Yugo's & Pinto's. I have found two "identical" microscopes priced $150 apart. I'm assuming the really cheap one has plastic innards but there is no way to find out. Is there somewhere that does quality reviews between brands?

Home educated teen who is interested in bio-medical field. We are beginning High School biology this year.

All metal construction, metal internal adjustments and metal screws

Achromatic & DIN : 4x & 10x
Super High Contrast Achromatic, DIN, Retractable : 40x
Super High Contrast Achromatic, DIN, Retractable, Oil Immersion : 100x

Two 10x Wide Field DIN
One Additional 10x Wide Field DIN with grid overlay for drawing
Interpupillary adjustment

reverse-facing, ball bearing, quadruple nosepiece

I still can’t get a solid reading on which will give me the best illumination without cooking our water samples
I do know that I need easily found replacement bulbs
Halogen, Fluorescent, or LED
Rheostat control for light source so I can dim if it is too bright
Abbe 1.25 NA movable/focusable condenser
Iris Diaphragm
Colored Filters

Built-in mechanical stage

all metal rack and pinion gearing system with slip clutch
Coaxial Course (22mm graduation or better) Fine (.002mm graduation)

I might need to get a darkfield condenser so I need a microscope that is standardized so I can add onto it later when the kids want to start studying blood cells etc.
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Re: Brand Comparisons

Postby Robin_P on Fri Nov 12, 2010 9:38 am


The top tier are the Nikon, Zeiss, Olympus, and Leica. The next tier are companies like Unico, Lomo, Motic.... Actually you can go with the top tier affordably. You can Choose the Nikon Eclipse E100. You can add darkfield to the Eclipse E100 and Nikon makes the grid reticule you are looking for. As far as "cooking" your samples, what are you observing? An LED illuminator will lower the amount of heat but may not be bright enough for darkfield or higher magnifications(1000X).
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