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Mounting a Digital SLR

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Mounting a Digital SLR

Postby amplexus on Sun Feb 06, 2011 12:46 pm

A couple of years ago I bought an Amscope trinocular microscope along with a dedicated 5 megapixel camera that slips into the "phototube." Though I've been satisfied with the microscope, I've been very disappointed with the image quality of the camera, besides which, the software that came with the camera doesn't work on operating systems past Windows XP and I've been unable to get the company to inform me of any updates.

I've been planning on purchasing a digital SLR for a number of years, so rather than purchase a better dedicated microscope camera, I've been looking at the practicality of adapting a digital SLR instead. Unfortunately, I've been reading conflicting opinions on how well these function when attached to a microscope, so I was wondering if anyone could answer a few basic questions for me:

1. Is the process of mounting a digital SLR via adapters to a microscope fairly straightforward?

2. Am I correct in assuming that I should get much better quality images with a new digital SLR vs. the 5 megapixel camera that came with the microscope?

3. Finally, what sort of software would be needed? Could the image captured by the camera be viewed on the computer monitor "live" or at least immediately after the shot was taken?

I'd appreciate any information that anyone could share, or alternatively, a link to an FAQ that could be helpful.

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Re: Mounting a Digital SLR

Postby Robin_P on Fri Feb 25, 2011 11:24 am


You will need a T-Mount adapter specifically for your microscope which should be available from Amscope. The T-adapter would fit with the T-Ring for your SLR camera. The software would be whatever software is available for the SLR camera. We have customer very pleased with the images they get with a Canon EOS DSLR camera used with trinocular microscopes.

The image from a microscope camera depends on the CMOS chip size in the camera. The larger the chip the better the image. A 0.5" chip produces nice images. Smaller chip sizes will have lower resloution. You may be able to improve the image from your camera by using lower magnifications.
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