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Will it do the job of studying Mushroom spore?

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Will it do the job of studying Mushroom spore?

Postby SteveG on Tue Aug 02, 2011 7:51 am

First, let me say thank you for the wonderful info here. I am starting out way behind the curve and need your support. Secondly; if my scope "qualifies for my needs", I will be sending it to Optics Planet for a tune-up of sorts, to assure I am learning with a properly working scope. So, what I have: Name: American Scientific Products : Binocular head 1.25 with lens rating of WF 10 X : I want to say its a bright-field scope(would like to get new bulb to avoid instant let down of burnt-out bulb) with 2 adjusting lens mounted below the slide table & above the base contain a len/light source inside the base: It has a 3 Objective turret with threaded len's which read as follows: 4 / 0.1 160 /- Next is 10/0.25 160/- Next 100/1.25 160/0.17 Next 40/0.65 160/0.17
Upon reading a previous post I also need to know if I can adapt an eye-piece reticule with cross lines with 10mm scale in 100mm graduations for my spore studies, for my current microscope(?), and of course the stage micrometer for calibrating.

Just by chance I lose my password, this site, or just being plain old stupid, I would appreciate it if I could receive a back-up response via email at I have bookmarked the site but ???? stranger things have happened with me and my internet experiences. Sincere regards, and thank you again. Steve
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Re: Will it do the job of studying Mushroom spore?

Postby Robin_P on Fri Aug 05, 2011 8:48 am


If your microscope is DIN standard you should be able to use any 10X eyepiece with a reticle which is Also DIN standard. DIN should appear on your microscope somewhere. A DIN eyepiece is 23mm diameter. We carry a Unico 10X widefield eyepiece which can be ordered together with an eyepiece reticle with 0.1mm divisions and a we carry stage micrometer slide with 0.1mm divisions.

I will be happy to send an email to you Steve.
Robin P.
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