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Scope for photography

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Scope for photography

Postby ddreg on Wed May 03, 2006 12:40 pm


I'm interested in getting a scope for photography. I'm currently thinking about the TRH4-POL TRINOCULAR. I saw some pictures of crystals and would like to try the same.

I would also like to use the scope to take pictures of pond water stuff. So can the Polarization part of the scope be removed and used as a normal scope? For this reason, would it be better to try and modify a normal scope? Can I just get two sheets of polarized material and place one in front of the light source and one on top of the slide? Will that work?


Postby Guest on Thu May 04, 2006 2:12 pm

Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, the polarization filters can easily be removed from the microscope. so it can be used as a normal brightfield microscope.

And yes, to get simple polarization you can get 2 sheets of polarizing film and place one below the sample and one above the sample.

However, besides the polarizing filters, the main difference between the TRH4-POL and its brightfield equivalent, the TMH4-BF, is the centerable rotating stage. The TRH4-POL comes with a centerable rotating stage, which is a must for polarized light observations. The TMH4-BF comes with a square mechanical stage that is not rotatable. Therefore, I would recommend purchasing the TRH4-POL and simply removing the polarizing filters when you want to use brightfield illumination.

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