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Looking to make a long focus 10X CCD cam

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Looking to make a long focus 10X CCD cam

Postby Steve Nuttall on Sat Jul 01, 2006 9:33 am

Hello; new guy

Any thoughts on how i can do the above
Actual focal length needs to be about 7" with 10 power

This is for my micro cnc lathe; I drill 0.007 holes and it's getting tough to see just what I'm doing
I have this CCD
The V-1212-BNC-BL06 is a B/W CCD camera designed for a variety of indoor applications. Ideal for covert applications in banks, stores, trucks, police cars and other surveillance vehicles. This camera is only 0.8” O.D. in a 2.5” long black steel enclosure and can be mounted on walls along narrow corridors and hallways. A special ceiling mount version of this camera is also available (V-1212-CM). The camera comes with a standard 3.6mm fixed focus lens and optional lenses of 2.1mm, 2.9mm, 5.7mm, 8.0mm, and 12.0mm are available

would any of the other lens work for my application? or should i machine up a new housing with new threads for a bigger lens

Steve Nuttall
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Postby opticsplanet.com on Sun Jul 02, 2006 11:36 am


Building a microscope is a little out of my league, so can't help you much here. For something like this, I would visit with a tech or egineer, say at LOMO America, http://www.lomoamerica.com/cform.php
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Postby Steve Nuttall on Sun Jul 02, 2006 3:38 pm


Steve Nuttall
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