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This is confusing

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This is confusing

Postby Dad E O on Thu Aug 17, 2006 9:18 am

I need some guidance from someone who knows from experience. I am a hobbiest. I will be looking at things at the non cellular level - maching of very small parts for defects, insects, plants... stuff like that. I am 99% sure I want a stereo microscope. I have NO idea what type of lighting system.

When I look through the specifications of a lot of units there is no resolution measurement shown at all. How do I ascertain that? I also need some space under the microscope to move piece that may be 6", 8" or 10" in size. Sometimes the end of longer pieces of tubing.

Do I need one mounted on a pivoting stand with no base? How do you hold it still then, just pivot it over a table or something? I won't be using this on a daily basis... it's just a hobby so I don't want to spend a ton of money. What are my best choices?

Many thanks
Dad E O

Postby on Thu Aug 17, 2006 9:33 am


Resolution is a basic function of objective size and can be calculated for any objective size. This is theoretical resoltuion, however, not actual resolution. Actual resolution is rarely, if ever, listed as a spec. This means you are at the mercy of the manufacturer in this specification. Assuming any optical quality at all, however, you should be close to theoretical resolution with any optic.

The LOMO definitely qualifies in this regard. It will rival the optics of much more expensive Japanese models at a fraction of the price. All in all, I'd rate it as one of the best buys in a stereo on the market. For your application, it will do fine.
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