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How Big a Microscope is Need to See Salt Crystals

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How Big a Microscope is Need to See Salt Crystals

Postby jonyeh on Mon Nov 20, 2006 4:09 pm

Dear Microscope Expert,

I'm interested in finding out how different is between a Himalayan Salt and the Ocean Sea Salt.

I need to find out what options I have in order to be able to access such information easily -- Either to buy a microscope myself -- If so, which model, new or used, what is the price range? Or can I go to a lab and give them samples of both kind and ask for photos. If an agency is availble, how expensive it is?

Thank you,

Postby on Mon Nov 20, 2006 4:59 pm


If you want pics and don't want to invest in a microscope, a lab is always an option.

How much magnification do you need? Will you be preparing slides or liooking at entire salt crystals? That will determine the type of miroscope needed. We're not experts on salt crystals, so can't advise you there.

A stereoscope such as the LOMO SF100, has a magnification up to 100x, and is suitable for whole specimens, but if you need to make rock thin sections or need more magnification for very tiny crystal study, a polarized model such as the LOMO BMH3-POL, is more suitable.
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