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LOMO microscope vs Konus

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LOMO microscope vs Konus

Postby john d. on Wed Dec 13, 2006 8:43 pm

Hi Joanie K,

yes, thanks, but more advice on a cheaper model that doesn't sacrifice too much on optical quality would be nice too. You only answered one of my questions and gave me no other recommendation aside from going Trinocular. That type of advice would be appreciated. Also, is LOMO the only way to go, what about other manufacturers? Thanks,
john d.

Postby Jne_K on Wed Dec 13, 2006 8:48 pm


Cheap and quality do not go together, especially if you are interested in photography. Given the quality, the LOMO is one of the best buys in a microscope. Made in Russia with quality that compares favorably with brands that cost much, much more. All other microscopes we carry are made in China and are of substantially lower quality. That's why I did not recommend them.

Doing SLR photgraphy with a microscope correctly dictates a trinocular microscope. That's why I did not recommend other options.

Meade and Celestron microscopes do not offer other accessories, including camera adapters.

Konus microscopes are useable, but are not in the same league with a LOMO. They do offer camera adapters (currently out of stock) and so far, Konus has not supplied any information on these adapters. Try a Konus, on a microscope such as the Konus Academy Biological Monocular 1000x Microscope. You can visit with Konus at 1-305-592-5500 if you would like more information.

That's it for camera adaptable models.

You can see all our microscopes on our website at
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