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microscopes for industrial use

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microscopes for industrial use

Postby sole6454 on Fri Aug 12, 2005 2:38 pm

I need a stereo microscope with a trinocular head, that is very "user flexible". Capable of 5x-40x(min) magnification that I can put a digital camera on and snap photos. Workpieces for viewing range from less than a cubic centimeter to 6" x 6" and the scope needs a lightsource to make it view down into bores and threaded holes, as well as be able to hold the specimen while doing it. Not to mention the scope has to be very high quality, our company makes Surgical instruments (bone saws, blades, burs, etc.) and the photos need to be high quality to show hairline fractures in metallic parts.

Postby Guest on Thu Aug 25, 2005 7:20 pm


Our best there is the LOMO SF100, in a trinocular version. You can add a variety of digital and SLR cameras via available adpaters and it has excellent working distance.