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Lomo microscopes

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Lomo microscopes

Postby Lomofan on Sun Sep 16, 2007 1:20 am

The lomo microscope accessories section is tiny, is there any items to added in the future such as apochromat objective, phase contrast objective, binocular or trinocular heads.Also does lomo quality control good? because last year when i bought a lomo p-111 microscope.The objective that come with it have deep and light scatches on the objective body. Two deep scatches on the abbe condenser top lenses due to improper packaging. A number 26 are scratch onto the brass dovetail,dent and slashes are also to be found when adding new grease.lomo p-111 was my $AU 250 investment,very expensive for a kid like me.Some people don't care about the damage or the things that they take for granted but i do,money is hard to get for me,dad never support me, he scold me.I feel unsecure to buy the 100x lomo objective because it might come with scratches.i don't think the warranty will cover this damage.Lomo is excellent except they should improve the quality control.Buyer BEWARE.

Postby on Mon Sep 17, 2007 7:23 am


The accessories currently available for LOMO microscopes are limited, since the Mutliscope line has been discontinued.

Sorry about the problem you had with your LOMO, but if you order another objective, you can request that LOMO inspect the objective closely prior to shipping. I know the tech and he will take care of this for you.
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