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Meade adapter for telescopes

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Meade adapter for telescopes

Postby Marian C on Thu Jun 28, 2007 3:41 pm

Is this Meade adaptor (ME-TA-07166) usable with macintosh osx (10.4)

Is the image output in color?

Which telescopes use this adaptor?

Is an additonal adaptor needed for cameras?

We want to find a telescope that handicapped users seated in
wheelchairs can view without disturbing the telescopes, eyepieces are
not practical. Please advise. Thanks.
Marian C

Postby Gene_A on Thu Jun 28, 2007 3:45 pm

This is a monochromatic (black and white) electronic eyepiece that sends the
image through an RCA video cable directly to a TV or VCR or a computer that
has an RCA video in port. Many computers either mac or PC do not have this,
but some might have one if they came with a high quality top end video card.
Your best bet is to just use a TV to view the image. The unit replaces the
eyepiece, so you cannot use it with another eyepiece or with a camera
adapter. This will fit in any telescope that uses a standard 1.25" eyepiece.
Image quality is not spectacular, but this may be your best (and cheapest)
option. In order to get a super high quality image, many people are using
fully custom equipment that is costing them over $3000. For the price, this
electronic eyepiece is the only option.
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