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Help fixing goggles anyone?

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Help fixing goggles anyone?

Postby Dopash on Tue Aug 19, 2008 8:05 am

Hi there,i recently purchased Bushnell Night Vision BU-NV-261020 goggles because i wanted to enjoy the night too in a safari im going on in a couple weeks.To make it short,i got the goggles a couple days ago,was kinda surprised after spending over $600 it came with no batteries,bought them,tried them on(in a dark room)and heard a faint popping noise along with a mild flash or something.After that the red light that had appeared on the goggles went dead,havent been able to turn it on again.I contacted OpticsPlanet,trusting in their apparently great return policy that id read about in their page.They said i probably got a defective item(they literally said defective in the email i got),then after a couple more emails asking them what i should do to return it i get a cop and paste paragraph saying that they dont return any international order,that simple.So im over $600 short(im not rich,thats a lot of money to me but always wanted to try night goggles),and i have defective night vision goggles.Im not even going to rant about OpticsPlanet and their return policy since if i had taken the time to read ALL the links they had in their page i would eventually have seen the No International returns policy.Guess i just got tricked about the big letters saying how cool they were and what a great return policy they had. So that being said,if anyone out there knows what could have posible happened to the goggles,or knows what kind of place i should send it to to get it repaired,please lend me a hand here.I live in the Canary Islands,Spain,if that helps.
Thanks in advance

Postby Steven_L on Fri Aug 22, 2008 11:36 am

Send it back to us prepaid. We will exchange it and reimburse you for your shipping. Make sure to include all original packaging. You'll need to see our policy page for a return number first. We'll send you a replacement and mark it as a repair so you don't have to pay customs fees again. Sorry for the inconvenience, they're really quite good units.
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