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tele to camera, or better still...digiscoping

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tele to camera, or better still...digiscoping

Postby jgolden104 on Mon Mar 30, 2009 6:13 pm

Thank you for your reply to my question about using my Sony DSC-H50 Advanced point and shoot with a telescope. I read your article on astrophotography and now understand what you mean.
I also read your other article regarding ‘digiscoping’ and believe this would be even better suited for me as I enjoy nature photography more. Just tell me before I invest, that I am correct in the thought that my camera will work for ‘digiscoping’ with the mounts that enable ’through the eyepiece’ shooting. I was unsure because of the (up to) 15x Optical zoom lens, but I see Nikon Coolpix cameras are ok and mine is very similar. (but I’m still checking with you first)
In addition, I have also found similar mounts for telescopes that work through the eyepiece, although I am sure this would only be good for the most basic astrophotography that could probably be accomplished with the ‘digiscoping’ setup as well.(?)

Thank you for your time. Joel Golden
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Re: tele to camera, or better still...digiscoping

Postby Jne_K on Tue Mar 31, 2009 6:17 am


You are going to have trouble with these bracket style adapters on that Sony. That Sony and other digitals with very high zoom are nearly the size of an SLR - too large to fit on most of these bracket style adapters. You will have clearance problems. On the other hand, going to a smaller Coolpix is a great idea and you can use the same bracket and camera on both a telescope or a spotting scope. When taking pics through an eyepiece, we want a smaller camera lens, anyway. That means a model with no more than 3x or 4x or so. Stay away from the big stuff for digiscoping. May seem counter to everything you have learned about photography, but smaller camera lenses are a better match for the eyepeice of a telescope or spotting scope. Smaller cameras are also a lot less hassle to use.

I've taken some decent pics of the moon with a spotting scope/camera setup, though using a telescope with a motor drive would be better.
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