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Canon EOS 30D Lenses for Safari

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Canon EOS 30D Lenses for Safari

Postby Guest on Thu Aug 09, 2007 8:57 pm

Going on a safari and have a weight limit. Trying to decided the correct lenses to bring. Cannot decide between the Canon 100-400 or 100-300 with an extender? I was told the extender does not work with 100-300 and/or the EOS 30D? Are there other options? Also, what wide angle do you recomend?

Postby on Fri Aug 10, 2007 6:34 am


You should check with Canon on the extender issue. It may not be compatible with some lenses, but I haven't heard about issues with a specific camera, other than the fact you may not have access to all digital functions with an extender attached.

300mm is pretty minimal for serious wildlife work and, unless you get at least an f/4, you are going to be slowing the lens down severly with an extender and slow is not what you want for widlife work. I'll take a faster, but shorter lens to a longer, but slower lens, any day, especially since you have the option of cropping and enlarging later with a digital. It's going to be a matter of budget, though. Just going to from a 300mm f/5.6 to an f/4 is going to be expensive.

For a wide angle, I would drop down to at least a 28mm if you really want the wide angle look to your pics. Again, it's going to be a matter of budget as to how fast and what you want for quality, here, but I would make the long telephoto the priority. This would be a good place for a zoom that would also cover you for normal shots around the camp or for scenery shooting.
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