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Yukon NVMT 2x24 vs Bushnell 2x24... any difference?

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Yukon NVMT 2x24 vs Bushnell 2x24... any difference?

Postby Mitchell_Nelson on Sun Dec 30, 2007 9:45 pm

I see the Yukon model is $30 more... what does that buy me?

I am looking for a general purpose scope. I have demo'd that ATN NV-360 (4x power) and I am not really impressed by the quality of the unit or its optics.

The IR emitter is also very weak.

So, I would like to see something along the lines of a good solid gen 1+ that has options and is a bit more rugged and smaller. (the NV-360 is 8" long and a real hand full)

2x mag is about all I need. I can always add on the 4x50 optics or get the 4x50 model and add the 2x optics if needed.

What would you recommend?

Postby Ryan_W on Mon Dec 31, 2007 4:28 pm


Although the Yukon and the Bushnell look identical and are quite possibly made in the same factory, I cannot guarantee that the Yukon NVMT accessories will work with the Bushnell. We have not really have the opportunity to try them all out together. I really like the Yukon for the availability of accessories and the overall build quality.
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