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Yukon & Bushnell digital vs the new Xenonics Supervision

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Yukon & Bushnell digital vs the new Xenonics Supervision

Postby tchavalas on Mon Jan 21, 2008 7:14 pm

Has anyone tried the new Xenonics Supervision digital NV yet? It claims to have much higher resolution than the Bushnell & Yukon digital units. I think it's supposed to have almost double the resolution. And it has a much wider 2X lens than these others. I am not sure the digital zoom is really worthwhile. But the wider filed of view is an improvement for my use. At $1200 it's a bit steep. But I am just wondering if the image quality is really better than the other digital NV's on the market.

Also... How about the sensitivity? They claim .0003 lux compared to the .03 lux of the Bushnell & Yukon units. Is it really 100 time more sensitive? The fact that the unit does not have an IR illuminator tell me that it must be more sensitive.

Postby Steven_L on Tue Jan 22, 2008 8:44 am

The Supervision picture is certainly much clearer. The Xenonics unit does almost nothing in terms of light amplification in my real world tests that the Bushnell does not do. You still need IR. The zoom feature is as good as you think it is. It works, but so what, really. The Bushnell and Yukon also have built-in IRs, and video out ports. Save your money and buy the Bushnell. I saw the great glossy ads in all the rags and got the Supervision in here because of them, but rep groups have dropped them and sales suck. They're supposed to be working on an IR, as well as a gun mount, but it may just be talk at this stage. They've spent tons of advertising money for a product that costs many times what the similar Bushnell and Yukon do. I'll talk to them at SHOT in a couple weeks.
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Postby Wild Bill on Thu Aug 14, 2008 12:51 pm

Have you had a chance to test the Yukon Ranger Pro? I see you're stocking it now.

How does the PRO compare to Supervision RE:
1) Passive mode, main IR shut off, 1/4 moon and below, PRO has extra image enhancment
2) Screen resolution
3) Gain/CCD sensitivity adjustment, no processor hang up
4) Any issues with frame rate in low light

Any chance of some output video comparison of standard ranger Vs PRO

Wild Bill