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Yukon / Bushnell 26-0300 Gen 1 help

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Yukon / Bushnell 26-0300 Gen 1 help

Postby mousie on Fri Mar 07, 2008 7:05 pm


This is my first post to a good forum and basically a friend got me to wear an old set of headmounted night vision russian binoculars 1 x Gen 1 which are about twenty years old, great unaided view under starlight for the first 25-35metres. Twin optics and no IR.

So I caught the bug and went and bought a Yukon 2.5 x 42 with Audio from a mate who never used it (100 AUS so can't complain) and I see they are most likely the same as the Bushnell 26-0300 in every regard save the name of the strap.

To the point, when I view in the same conditions, I find the night vision unaided not that much better than my eyesight save the magnification. However when the IR is turned on, the smaller centre area really lights up and I have a very sharp clear image of the IR area out to about 60 meters so this tells me the unit is certainly working and not worn out. Pretty impressive. So this is my first experience but I suspect I will be using the IR a lot to be worthwile, is this the same experience with others who have this type or similar unit.

Any advice appreciated and thanks in advance
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Postby Ryan_W on Mon Mar 10, 2008 1:24 pm


This is pretty typical of most gen 1 units. The Gen 1 tubes are not as efficient at amplifying the light as the higher end models, so you will find that you will be using the IR illuminator most of the time. Many gen 1 units have a small IR illuminator that is always on.
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