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comparison between digital NV and digital cam-need advices

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comparison between digital NV and digital cam-need advices

Postby iwan on Sun Apr 13, 2008 11:44 am

dear experts
i just wonder, why we are not just using digital video cam rather than digital NV ?
according to the spec, digital video cam has several feature that digital NV like YUKON RANGER AND BUSHNELL STEALTHVIEW doesn't have.
the digital video cam (DV or DVD) is more
lighter, more compact, more power on magnification and recordable, just add a powerfull IR illuminator, and absolutely we have a winner.

did i miss something ?
or i just don't know anything about NV equipment.

well' i'm a very good listener, and ready to learn anything from experts.

what a great forum.

thank you very very much
GOD bless you

Postby Ryan_W on Mon Apr 14, 2008 3:05 pm


Digital camcorders have a much smaller objective lens than the digital night vision devices and are made to excel in the daylight. Digital night vision devices such as the Bushnell and the Yukon were made strictly for night use and will have a much more sensitive imaging chip. This, along with the larger objective lens, will produce a better image at night. Besides, digital camcorders that have a night vision mode are usually more expensive than the digital night vision monoculars.
Best regards,

Ryan W.


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