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great news for ATN NVRS MK330 WARRIOR

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great news for ATN NVRS MK330 WARRIOR

Postby Iwan on Fri May 09, 2008 10:29 pm


dear experts and customers
i owned almost 1 year ATN MK330, with a very disappointed with this product.
days ago i try it again because my curousity about this NV, never believe that ATN will release a worse things.
after i twist up the rubber eyepiece, i FOUND the problems is the eyepiece.
it's make image blurry.
problems SOLVED !!! without eyepiece i can see a very clear image, crosshair was perfect in the middle of the imageview not as seen before that was strecthed in to the edge of the imageview.
i can see clearly in low light a man standing in the dark at 110yards which eyes can not see.
actually i have a friend who owned Mk330 for 3 years and get a very disapointed because same problems and then buy another brand and
attached the ATN IR illuminator with it.
i just think maybe someone else has same problems.
and forgive for a very bad english. :D

GOD bless all of you

Postby Ryan_W on Tue May 13, 2008 1:12 pm


I certainly cannot recommend using this without the eyepiece. If you remove the eyepiece, your scope is now open to the elements and there is nothing to protect the internals. The eyepiece is designed so that you can focus the image to your eye, and that is why it is threaded. I do not recommend removing the eyepiece, even if that is the only way to make the image clear. Try threading the eyepiece all the way in. That might help.
Best regards,

Ryan W.


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Postby ATN_Rep on Wed May 14, 2008 10:38 am


It is unfortunate that you were not able to operate the unit properly. The rear diopter or eye piece can be adjusted to your vesion, from +5 to -5. Your scope comes with a two year warranty, if you had such problems why didn't you contact our service center for advise or have us take a look at the unit. If you would have contacted ATN we would have been happy to guide through the proper operation of this unit or any other unit which we manufacture. We have sold thousands of units of this model. For you to say that this model is bad in some way, just becuase you could not operate it corectly and did not contact us to find out how or what could be done to solve your problem is really being unfair.

Again if you have issues and need help I encourage you or anyone else to contact us, and we would be happy to help with any and all questions.


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Postby Iwan on Wed May 14, 2008 12:15 pm

hi, Mr Ryan and ATN_rep
i did not remove the eyepiece, just rolling down the rubber eyepiece to the front, maybe it should be the way for a person with eyeglasses.
i'm not using the eyeglasses but very happy to find out that my ATN give me the best picture if i set my eyes close enough to the diopter.
the ATN is great, awesome and i'm one of ATN's line products fans!!.
that's why i keep looking the answer by myself what is wrong with this unit because earlier i already asked to ATN and the answer is that's the nature for gen1 for being blurry in the edge.
and lately i found out that the answer was wrong, the image from my ATN is great if i roll down the eyepiece to the front.
and just to remind, i never said that the model was bad, i just thinking maybe somebody else has same problems and didn't noticed that the main problems is the eyepiece.
thanks for your concern.
GOD bless all of you.