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night vision behind scope

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night vision behind scope

Postby Tex on Mon May 03, 2010 9:57 pm

A buddy's friend spent the weekend with us at the hunting lease and he had a night vision hand held unit with no scope markings, i guess it would be classified as a monocular night vision.

Anyways I was fiddling around with it since I had my movie camera and a scope on hand in camp. Thinking that I had read about guys mounting these types of devices behind a day use scope.

What I noticed is that looking through the monocular alone the image was vivid and bright througout the entire circular field of view, but when I mated it (cupped my hand and held it behind the day scope and camera) to the scope when I would look through the monocular and scope only areas that had ambient light could be seen. It was as if the scope and camera created a "filter" that greatly decreased the night visions capability.

I see photos all the time on the internet that people use monoculars and scopes and the images represent what the view looks like with the monocular alone.

Am I missing something? I wasn't impressed but perhaps I don't know what I am doing. Was just curious.

Oh and by the way when i got the monocular and scope focused as a tandem when I would pull back to just monocular it would be way out of focus which makes me think that I was doing it right but again the light (night vision) capability seemed to be diminished by at least 80%.

Thanks for your time - just learning :D

Re: night vision behind scope

Postby Steven_L on Tue May 04, 2010 2:20 pm

What you see is a night vision monocular used behind a red dot sight. There is no magnification involved. The dots are also controlled so they are the proper brightness for viewing when amplified thousands of times by the NV device. Rarely someone will use a magnified scope with a NV monocular behind it for the reasons you mentioned. At low power they are of some use. Eye relief is also an issue. If you want to use a magnified scope with night vision, use a PS-22 or PS-40 which goes in front of the optic. Eye relief is not changed.
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