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Which range finder???

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Which range finder???

Postby fastmonaro on Thu Jun 25, 2009 9:23 am

Gday from Australia
My name is Michael and I am wondering about which is the best range finder to purchase.I have narrowed it down to Leupold VX-IV ,Nikon Gold1200,Bushnell Elite 1500 or the Leica 1200 7x model.In regard to the leopold it says it has true balistic range ie error for angle which is important,plus compass plus temp ect.Seem to have alot of features.But how does it compare in performance terms to the Nikon,Leica ect?Say a pig/wild boar size object (quite big in Oz) at 600-900 yards which is more accurate?
Do I really need all the bells of leupold or is it overkill.Please any honest feedback would be great here. :D

Cheers Michael Taylor

Re: Which range finder???

Postby Steven_L on Fri Jun 26, 2009 10:15 am

You will not read a pig at 900 yards, and depending on conditions, not even at 600. The ranges listed are for large reflective objects in ideal conditions such as an overcast day with clear air. You can expect a pig to be ranged at somewhere around half the maximum distance or less.

The Leica has the most delicious picture you'll ever see in a rangefinder, but if you want other options, the one I've been using lately is the Leupold RX 1000. My Nikon Gold 1200 is darker than I like, and the other Leupold RX series have so much optional crap in them they get in my way and make my head hurt. I like simple. The RX 1000 has a very clear picture and is simple to use. It's been my favorite since last hunting season.
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