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Osprey Laser 7x 600 yard vs Bushnell Yardage

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Osprey Laser 7x 600 yard vs Bushnell Yardage

Postby Guest on Fri May 27, 2005 8:01 pm

I'm looking for a GOOD golf rangefinder. For $20 more than the Bushnell Yardage, I can get the Osprey Laser Range Finder 7x 600 yard range w/ Speed Finder CAMO Comet EMC4. I don't really need the speed finder (although it would be neat).

This seems like a better unit to me, but I wonder if it will be better for golf or not. Looks like it can "see" small objects (like flag poles) at greater distances.

Anyone have any input on this?


Postby on Mon May 30, 2005 11:51 am

A golf laser rangefinder differs from a regular laser rangefinder in a number of ways.

1) A golf model is usually smaller and more compact.

2) A gold model does not usually have a zip mode or rain mode since these are not needed for golf

3) A gold model usually has a smaller reticle or crosshair for more exact pinpointing on the flag.

Yes, you can use the Osprey, or any model for golf, though it may not be a good fit for the above.
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Postby Guest on Fri Jun 10, 2005 3:11 pm

I got the Osprey Laser Range Finder mentioned above, and it stinks for a golf range finder.

I found out through another source that a range finder with a SCAN option is pretty much required to be able to find the distance to a golf flag.

Now I'm looking at the Nikon LaserCaddy 500G Golf Laser Rangefinder. At least is says it's for golf.

I'd love to get some feedback from others that have success with range finders in a golf application.