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An affordable Night Vision Rifle scope

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An affordable Night Vision Rifle scope

Postby johnnie on Tue Mar 16, 2004 3:15 pm

I was looking for some kind of affordable NV rifle scope (one i wouldn't need to spend a whole fortune on) - I thought about something around 500$.
And now come the questions:
1) What is the difference between Gen 1, gen 1+ , and gen 2? Is there any real gain between gen1 and gen1+?
2) The Rigel sights seem to be the most affordable. What about their quality? Any ideas about 4300 or 4100? Or maybe 4200?
3) how important is the resolution - 32 lines/mm vs. 30? Dedal 140 has 38lines/mm. And the 4200 says 80? What is it all about?
4) The reticles: 4300 has the black one, 4100 is illuminated - how would it be visible on the green background? what colour is the illumination?
5) is there anything else one should know before buying these?
6) Ok, so which one should i choose?
Should I jump on the boat or wait and save some more to get something better? If so - what would that be?

Newbie Thanks for help! :)

Postby Max Optics on Wed Mar 17, 2004 4:56 pm


Well first let’s get the generations figured out. Generation 1 is the oldest technology in night vision available. This is not a bad thing. Generation 1 night vision works well and generation 1 + simply adds a few more lines of resolution which helps and is enough to notice. Generation 2 is a huge jump in quality, clarity, and recognition range. Over all you have more power with a generation 2 tube night vision scope. The best rifle scope with night vision that I would recommend in a generation 1 is the ATN Aries MK390 Paladin Night Vision Rifle Scope MK-390 found at this link, These are in stock and ready to ship. In a generation 2 the best scope to get is the ATN MK440 2nd Gen Grade D Plus Night Vision Riflescope found at this link, ... p-nvr.html. These scopes I chose because they are in your price range and I have used them both. Very nice scopes and they can handle some serious firepower.

If you are interested in viewing more options for riflescopes please visit this link, The reticle types at night are not as important as one may think. All ATN scopes come with illuminated reticles that have different brightness settings for everyone’s taste. Night vision scopes do use batteries and will require them to be changed every so often. I hope this helps you out. Thank you and have a great day!
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Max Optics
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thanks, but...

Postby Johnie on Thu Mar 18, 2004 5:26 am

Thank you for your reply and in-depth explanation.
However a few more questions arise:
How far does the Gen1+ work? That is - a hunting distance (clear and safe enough to tell animals apart comfortably)?
And thanks for the options you provided.
I am starting to lean towards these, however, could you say anything good/bad about Rigel?


Postby Guest on Thu Nov 04, 2004 2:26 pm

The link to the recommended scope is no longer working.

I'm seeking the same sort of information with the goal of selecting a night vision device for hunting feral hogs at night (which is legal in my state but not all).

I expect ranges to be +/- 150 yards. And am considering 2 options - either a hands free monocular and an iron sighted rifle, or a Gen 1 night vision rifle scope.

Either way I'd like to stay under $500 and have safety in case someone lights up a set of headligts in my field of view without burning out my retina.

Any suggestions or info is welcome. Thanks.