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SEALs Scopes

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SEALs Scopes

Postby Big E on Thu Aug 21, 2008 9:53 am

Does anyone use a SEALs Scope? I have a 6x24 50mm, it seems nice enough but a cheap version of the Night Force. The design is nice where i can zero my scope and then pull off the knobs and put the 0 on the - mark. I only shot it once on a windy day and haven't been able to test it. Any and all Opinions welcome.
Big E

Postby Steven_L on Thu Aug 21, 2008 1:58 pm

Tiny Chinese company branding Chinese stuff with typical quality in comparable price ranges. Krinkle finish? Red and green reticle? Comparable to Nightforce? Give me a break. Google to your heart's content and you won't get a warm and fuzzy feeling. Most of these type companies don't stick around too long. At least buy Chinese stuff from a reputable dealer who has a track record. Not saying they're bad and won't work, but unknown and gimmicky. Good luck.
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chinese scopes???

Postby MrGman on Thu Aug 21, 2008 10:33 pm

Steve, have we magically traded places?? I looked in the freezer and didn't see any goat meat?

I badmouth the cheap Chinese scopes and you talk about how the good stuff never lets you down in the field, remember?

Big-E what Steve is trying to say is that your low budget Chinese "look alike" scope that may have some visual similarities to a Night Force, just won't have the long term reliability in the field, not to mention clarity of view.

the only way to know this of course is to take it out there and battle test it side by side with some good scopes.

What I would say is that cheap chinese scopes compare to a Nightforce like a Yugo and a Ferarri can both be called "cars" and that's where any similarity ends.

Being able to zero adjust the knobs has no bearing on whether or not you can hold a zero adjust with the scope. Good luck.

Steve, I think your eating too much red meat, send some of it to me whill ya???? :lol:


Postby Big E on Fri Aug 22, 2008 9:47 am

Although this SEALs scope is cool to me i completely understand the lack of credibility on this scope manufacturer. This scope was a gift and i like it for now, of course i'd love to have a Burris or top Leupold but this will do for now. I was able to get a Browning Hunter 300Mag for 475.00 in mint condition and the scope was free. I will battle test it, the Sika Deer that got away from me because my leupold 4x12 40mm couldn't draw in enough light like my 16x binoculars so hence i got a bigger scope won't get away next time. I've also known country folk that have hunted their entire life with a Tasco 3x9 scope and never missed and don't sight it in every year but still i've known guys that won't buy a Tasco scope to save their life. Thanks very much for the input and advise, i hope there may be some others to comment and hopefully the comments can come from someone who actually owns one and used it. Any Drift or unstable zero settings?
Big E

SEALs Scope

Postby Matt on Fri Sep 12, 2008 7:10 am

I just boresighted my new SEALs scope and look foreward to getting out and finish zeroing it in. If all goes well I will field trial it in December during Whitetail season. I think as long as one expects to get what they paid for then this is a scope they can live with.

SEALs Scope

Postby Big E on Thu Sep 18, 2008 1:48 pm

I know that i'll be shooting my 30-30 this year on a hog hunt and it has a Redfield Widefield 3x9 scope, not new but does the job. I think most scopes can do well, time will tell if the sights hold true for a while or not.
Big E

Re: SEALs Scopes

Postby tkyman60 on Sun Feb 13, 2011 2:45 am

I have the same scope as you. I am well pleased with the scope. It is on a 300 RUM and it has stood up to the recoil with no ill effects. The dial movements have always been accurate and repeatable. I hunted with it this season and it drew light well enough that if you wanted you could have hunted well beyond sundown. The gun shoots sub MOA with my handloads, I am pleased. :D

Re: SEALs Scopes

Postby JDHOLLOW on Tue Apr 02, 2013 8:28 am

I have SEALs 6 x 24 x 50. I like it, but don't know, for sure, which power the sub-tensions are taken at. Most [link=]scopes[/link] are full power, but
1mil=3.6 @ 24x ?
Anyone out there know?

Re: SEALs Scopes

Postby Littlelow on Sun Jul 28, 2013 6:55 pm

I just bought a Weatherby Accumark in .30-378 with a 4 x 24 x 50 SEALs sitting on top. I can't find any known good or bad about it. I bought the Weatherby for long range shooting so I'll find out if the scope will perform at long range and take the recoil of the .30-378. (Hopefully I can take the recoil of the .30-378). Will post again after I shoot. I don't think these are available anymore. Does anyone know what it cost when it was new?

Re: SEALs Scopes

Postby seals1 on Tue Oct 08, 2013 7:28 am

Seals optics have been around for years. I have seen them many places. The one I used was a sniper scope at about 1 mile away was impressive to say the least.

Re: SEALs Scopes

Postby jammco on Mon Nov 10, 2014 8:09 pm

I am a Seals Optic fan an I have shot the 6x24x50 with 30mm tube and just love the results I have had while having it mounted on a Savage 10,7mm short mag. I have one mounted on a Howa 308 which is a 8x32x56 with 30mm tube. At 600 yards there is a metal rabbit at the range and we ring the rabbit 4 out of 5 times any time we wish. I love the Seals scope for its price point, clarity of lens, the side focus and the 1/8" moa. Last year we dropped a very nice whitetail buck at 405 yards with a good hit and a short blood trail. We had a cross wind of about 15 mph, ranged it and adjusted the to the mill dots, bang, dead.

I am so impressed with the quaility of scopes that we have on our guns that I special ordered 3 8x32x56 with the red dot and what an awesome scope for using early morning, anytime during the day and great for evening usage. Easy to compare this red dot to the VXR. You gain the light visiabilty at dawn and dusk with the green camera optive lens coatings which is great for low light situations. I have mounted an 8x32 on my Remington 750 rifle also. I also have another 308 Howa with an 8x32x56 on it lapped, bore sited and ready for buckie.

I truely like the looks and the feel of these scopes and for you guys who like to bad mouth a scope that you have never looked thru to see how crisp and clear they are, you should try one. I would highly recommend purchasing one of these fine pieces of technology. I will mount a Seals Optics scope on my next purchase of an AR 15. If you have other questions on how to mount or set up your Seals Optics scope please email me at