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.243 rifle scope - bang for the buck

Discuss Leupold, Bushnell, Swarovski, Weaver & more. Need advice on a scope for your firearm? We can help!

.243 rifle scope - bang for the buck

Postby Newguy on Wed Jan 21, 2009 10:33 pm

Hey guys,

I'm new to the hunting and rifles. I've been looking at a variety of scopes for a Remington .243. I am definately interested in bang for the buck and so I'm not interested in Ziess or high end Leopod (spelling?) . There is nothing like dealing with guys that have real world experience - cold/rainy/snowy/hot.

I'd like to be able to hit a varmint at 400 yards max. I'm looking for a good scope, not a great one.

What do you guys recommend?

Thanks in advance,


Postby JimFromTN on Thu Jan 22, 2009 9:06 am

Depends on your price range. Luepold, Bushnell, Nikon, and Sightron make great scopes in most any price range. Pick your price range and find a scope made by one of those manufacturers in that price range and you have a great scope for the money.

If I were group them by class from most expensive to least, it would be something like this. I'm sure others may have a different opinion.

Leupold XVIII
Nikon Monarch
Bushnell elite 4200
Sightron SIII

Leupold VXII
Nikon Buckmaster
Bushnell elite 3200/Legend
Sightron SII

Leupold VXI
Nikon Prostaff
Bushnell Trophy
Sightron SI

Postby Newguy on Thu Jan 22, 2009 1:07 pm


This is the price range I've been looking at along with the Burris Fullfields. Thanks very much for the input.

Leupold VXII
Nikon Buckmaster
Bushnell elite 3200/Legend
Sightron SII

Like I said it's nice to get real world experience from guys that have used the gear. In some other fields that I've worked - going up the quality ladder just one more step can mean a huge increase in price for very little return on the investment.

thanks again


Postby JimFromTN on Thu Jan 22, 2009 1:33 pm

I have never owned a Burris but from what I have heard, they are pretty good scopes. Now, it just comes down to personal preference. Go to your local dealer and do side by side comparisons.

Shop around for the best price. You might find one of the higher class scopes on clearance somewhere for the price range you are wanting to pay. Leupold is discontinuing their VXIII line so it may not be long before you find them on clearance for near VXII prices. I got a Sightron SII and an SIII this way and saved hundreds of dollars. Don't be afraid of ebay. As a general rule, if the seller has allot of good feedback then they are safe to order from. OpticsPlanet is a power seller on ebay. I think you can trust them. :)

400 Yard Shooting

Postby Bearclawthedonut on Thu Jan 22, 2009 2:20 pm

400 yards is a very, very, long way to shoot. If you can consistantly hit varmint sized prey at 400 yards (particularly with a .243), then wow! That's good shooting. Any scope that will allow and contribute to that level of accuracy is not a good scope, it's a great scope!

If you can afford Leupold VXll, then the best deal might be a discontinued Leupold VXlll, some of them have had price reductions of $100 or more (?). The VXlll is a hell of a good scope. When you get past the 4-12x40mm size, then scopes get very large. I don't know how much magnification you want? Make sure you get a scope with an adjustable objective or side adjustment.

You might look at the Weaver GrandSlam line? They have a 6-20x40mm that's only $400. I had a 4.5-14x40 in this line that was a great scope. Sold it to buy a Walther PP in 22lr.

Good luck; man 400 yards is a ways.

Postby Newguy on Thu Jan 22, 2009 3:35 pm

You might look at the Weaver GrandSlam line? They have a 6-20x40mm that's only $400. I had a 4.5-14x40 in this line that was a great scope.

That's the kind of info I'm looking for bearclaw. To triangulate using other peoples experience and meet at an approximate value.

I did this with my first home theater system and ended up with a great system rather than a good one and for much less. I learned to be careful of product whores and magazine reviews - don't bite the hand that feeds you. Product whores ( like Harley owners ) will never say anything bad about brand X, no matter if there is better/as good for less. I notice as in my previous non-hunting related searches, that the same names keep coming up - great info thanks.

Good, Bad or Indifferent

Postby Guest on Thu Jan 22, 2009 6:48 pm

There are a lot of good riflescopes out there. If you stick with the Big Boys (In no particular order: Nikon, Pentax, Burris, Leupold, Sightron and perhaps to a slightly lesser extent Weaver and Bushnell 3200/4200) you will have much less chance of getting a cluncker and a much greater chance of getting a verygood/great scope. If you should get a lemon - they will replace/fix it for you.

Barska, Simmons, Tasco, BSA and some of the lower priced Bushnell lines all make scopes that look good and even have pretty good optics, but they "generally" fail due to poor build quality and they can seldom stand up to recoil. I had a $175 BSA 6-24x44 scope that after a month of use - could no longer hold zero. The hellish recoil of a 22Hornet (that's a joke, by the way - in case you do not know what a 22Hornet cartridge looks like) just destroyed that scope. I bought it from a reputable retailer (Cabelas) so I got a full refund. But for the first several weeks of that month it was dead-on with very good image quality - then junk.

Like JimfromTN, I like Burris scopes. I've got a 4-12x32ao on a 22lr that's great - but I don't know about .243 at 400 yards, that's FAR?

Also remember, the bigger the scope that you put on your rifle, then the more ungainly the combination will be in the field. And, prices go up (way up) for good quality high magnification optics. Make sure you're really going to be shooting at 400 yards. For varmints, 200 yards is a pretty fair distance?

I've never had a bad Burris or Weaver and I look forward to getting a Leupold FXlll (after they are discounted for being discontinued). All safe bets. Do check out the discontinued Leupold VariXlll's (VXlll), a great line of scopes, although I've never owned one - see if you can get a good deal? Good luck and safe shooting.