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Looking for low power fixed target scope ideas

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Looking for low power fixed target scope ideas

Postby SquarePizza on Sat Jun 16, 2012 1:18 pm

Hello, this is my first post to the boards, and I have a question about my next glass. I apologize for the long post, I tried to be as specific as possible.

I am looking for suggestions for a fixed power scope 4x or 6x with target turrets. Below I have outlined my rifle and shooting, as well as what I have and have looked at.

---My rifle and needs---
I am looking for a fixed power (I am a simple guy and prefer a set it and leave it mindset) scope for my Win m70 varmint in .243 win. This rifle is a general purpose rifle for both my target shooting and hunting needs. My shooting is probably 95% target shooting from 80-300 yards, with 600-1000 yard ranges within day trip range. I live in the wooded north east, so all deer hunting is open field under 200 yards, or woods even closer.

---Glass question---
I am currently running a burris 2-7x, but it has hunting knobs which are rather mushy and don't seem to reset perfectly to my marked ranges. Plus they are a real pain to set.

So this has had me dreaming of something with easily adjustable target turrets and with a little more reliable and repeatable settings. Since the majority of my shooting is from 100-300, I would like to keep the power of the scope low. I am not worried about not seeing the targets clearly at 600 yards, I was an iron sight shooter my whole life until my eyes aged, so any magnification is better than what I am used to =)

So, all that said, does anyone have any suggestions for a 4x or 6x fixed scope with target turrets? Price range would be $1000 or less.

Scopes I have looked at:

USO ST6 - I like the robustness and covered turrets, and the ability to add illumination
SWFA SS 6x - Nice price point, decent reviews
IOR 6x42 - Again, covered turrets seems a nice touch. Price is middle range
IOR 4x32 - Hunting turrets make this a bummer, because I really would like a 4x
Ziess 4x32 - Hunting turrets and discontinued

I have looked at some leupolds, like the FX3 Target and the FXII 4x

Am I missing anything else out there that should warrant a look? And recommendations or comments? When it comes to glass I am still pretty new.
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Re: Looking for low power fixed target scope ideas

Postby George_P on Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:27 pm

Have you considered a Leupold scope in low fixed power and adding something like this?
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