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Need Leupold MKIV help

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Need Leupold MKIV help

Postby Guest on Wed Nov 28, 2012 5:04 pm

Hey guys, I need some help here. I'm looking into buying a Leupold MKIV M3, even Leupold can't answer my questions......I'm wanting to know why the 10x40 M3 is more expensive than the 3.5-10x40 M3, why does the 10x40 have turret caps and no target knobs and will either one of these scopes get a 308 to 1,000 yards with a zero cant base. Thanks in advance for your help, I don't know why the answers to these simple questions are so elusive.

Re: Need Leupold MKIV help

Postby Trevor_B on Wed Nov 28, 2012 5:49 pm

Most companies do not want to reveal why they have their pricing structures the way they do. In this case, looking at the 10x model, they have a much different eyepiece housing that is not standard for excepting magnification, so this is a specific model that is made separate with separate parts, therefore causing more time and money to make. The turrets are still finger adjustable, just shorter with the base thread to except covers. Once again, these are separate from the other Mk 4 scopes and cost more time and money. As for why they have covers and the other models don't I do not know that one. I can only speculate that a 10x is still popular with hunters and target shooters, and hunter demand covered turrets. opposite side of that, operators that crawl around and bump everything sometimes want their turrets covered or protected from movement if they don't have a lock.
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