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Redfield Tracker 3-9 40mm

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Redfield Tracker 3-9 40mm

Postby EZ on Thu Jun 15, 2006 5:02 pm

I have a Redfield Tracker 3-9 40mm that is about 20yrs old and have been fairly happy with it on a Rem 7mm mag. Was this considered a quality scope 20yrs ago, how does this scope compare to scopes today and what would a comparabe scope be? I am aware that the Redfield that was made in Colorado is no longer in business.
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Postby Steven_L on Fri Jun 16, 2006 10:44 am

Hi EZ,

Yep, they were good, solid scopes with a great deserved reputation. Had a large following. Too bad their sloppy housekeeping made the EPA fine them to death.

Great quality scopes today are significantly better than they were decades ago. Better lens coatings and multicoatings and index matching and scratch resistance are now available. Better nitrogen filling and lens sealing. Better erectors with more reliable and precise tracking and repeatability. Lighter aluminum with more one piece tubes.

Of course, today's junk is as bad as yesterday's.

Even entry level scopes from manufacturers like Burris ... scope.html , Leupold ... ticle.html , and Nikon ... -9x40.html offer much greater light transmission than was formerly possible on all but the very best scopes of decades ago.

The aforementioned scopes compare favorably to your Tracker.
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Redfield Warranty

Postby gowen on Sun Oct 07, 2007 7:36 am

Can anyone tell me how to get an old Redfield Tracker scope repaired? When I bought this scope it was sold as a Lifetime Warranty, hence I thought was part of the reasoning on the higher pricing, of course I know that this was not the only reason for the higher price tag. It has been an excellant scope since 1979, but as we all know,s--t happens, and now my scope will not stay zeroed in. Not stacking the bullets type of precision shooting at 300 yds, but the 3 shots within a 4 in circle at 100 yds. I do my bench shooting (hood of my old 4x4 truck hood) from a redneck gun vise (combo of coats, blankets, what ever to elevate and hold steady) on an actual measured distance that is relative to the area where I am hunting.
Back to my quest, where can I get this scope checked out by Redfield, on their dime?

Third-Party Service Provider for Redfield

Postby jimL3222 on Fri Dec 12, 2008 2:11 pm

When Leupold purchased Redfield in April, 2008, Leupold did not assume the Redfield warranty. Because many Redfield customers have contacted Leupold with regard to the former Redfield warranty, Leupold is making this information available to Redfield optics owners.

At this time, two Redfield repair facilities are available should your Redfield product require service: ABO USA Inc (305-859-2010) and Iron Sight Inc (918-445-2001). The contacts provided are for information purposes only, as ABO Inc. and Iron Sight Inc. are not affiliated with Leupold & Stevens. Please contact them for all information regarding repair, service, and associated charges.

I called ABO in FL about problems with my Refield Tracker. They have a recording on that number. They want you to send the scope and a check for $38 to an address on the recording. Turn-around time is about 6 weeks. Gotta love those "lifetime warantees".