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Need rimfire scope for old Remington 550-1

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Need rimfire scope for old Remington 550-1

Postby highshuto on Thu Jun 15, 2006 8:23 pm


I inherited a Remington Model 550-1 from my father-in-law. It has grooves in the receiver. I am not sure what kind of rings or mount to use for this rifle, nor am sure what kind of scope to purchase. Any suggestions, please.

Groovy Receiver

Postby MrGman on Thu Jun 15, 2006 11:01 pm

You have of course a 22 caliber rifle, therefore the groove set in the receiver is the 3/8 " wide "rail" for mounting scopes. The type of scope mounts you have to use are those that have the 3/8 wide claw. The 3/8" wide rail is the standard that someone came up with for the 22 caliber rifles that someone else assumed only needed really cheap and narrow low cost scopes a long time ago. That person should have all his lunch money taken away. Normally the scope mounts will say they are specifically for 22 caliber "scopes" or rifles. Meaning to mount scopes specifically to a 22 caliber rifle with that 3/8 inch wide rail or groove set acting as a rail. I think that most of the scope mounts with the 3.8 wide claws are lousy. I recently tried putting a new Bushnell Legend series scope on my Remington 597 22 mag using the typical low budget scope rings with the 3/8" claws. The scope was off 12 inches at 25 yards to the right and I could not adjust it in. I bought the Reminging 1 inch wide weaver rail adapter made for my rifle, put the scope on with better 1 inch rings and magically I could adjust the reticle in to hit the target. If you can put a 1 inch wide weaver rail onto that rifle some how (in line with the barrel of course) I would do it. If not, then you have to buy the scope ring sets that say they are for 22 rifles as they come with the 3/8 inch wide claws and take your chances or do some fine trimming of claws if you are up to it. Now for those who would say it was my rail out of alignment to the barrel and not the rings, I had a previous set of rings on a scope that worked better, but I sold the scope and gave the rings with them and didn't realize how much of a pain it would be to get another set that would do the same thing and put the scope in the same direction. No such luck.

Bushnell Banner scopes in the 1X4 or 1.5 X 4.5 range are nice, adequate for the money. I have the Bushnell legend 2X7 that I really like so far on mine. Cost a little more but still a bargain for clarity and features it has, like the fast focus eyepiece. I myself don't see the need for more power on a 22 plinking rifle. Fast target acquisition is what I prefer.

Do not be tempted by those scopes costing literally 10 to 20 dollars over at Wally Mart that have the scope rings already on them stating that they are for a 22 rifle and look ready to go and complete, even with the rubber lens caps accessory included. Yes they will fit on the rifle but they are not worth the energy to open the plastic packaging with. They are beneath toy quality.

Others here of course will have other recommendations for scopes. You didn't really say what price range you were in but I am guessing you wanted to stay below $200.00 and probably below $100.00 for the 22, yes? 8)

Good luck.

Postby Steven_L on Fri Jun 16, 2006 2:19 pm

Hello Highshuto,

One of my very favorite inxpensive scopes for .22s and airguns is the Bushnell 3-9 Sportsman with adjustable objective, number 720039 ... 20039.html. I actually took off a Leupold 3-9 Compact EFR ... scope.html from a Beeman R1 air rifle and replaced it with one of these Sportsmans. I used a special one piece airgun mount, and tossed the rings that came with the scope like I usually do. This is one of my favorite airguns and I shoot it a lot. Spring piston airguns like this have nasty dual recoil that regularly destroys non-airgun rated scopes. I mounted this scope on this particular gun because the scope has finger adjustable click adjustments, and I shoot it at three different distances. It has been perfect and repeatable at all three distances for several years and many thousands of rounds since. It's plenty bright and clear for my puposes. I have purchased several since then for other airguns and 22s.
A super quality scope for a 22 would be the previously mentioned Leupold 3-9 Compact EFR, or this 2-7 rimfire ... scope.html, also one of my favorites.

Millett (800-MILLETT) makes beautiful 3/8" rimfire rings, and they are windage adjustable. Nice products and they solve windage issues.

Weaver also makes a little known adapter to go from 3/8" to standard Weaver 7/8." The number is TO-10. This is used on raised bases almost exclusively, because you slide it on, and it requires clearance that most grooved receivers don't have.

If you just want something to mount on your gun for plinking, you should be plenty happy with the $70.00 Bushnell I mentioned, or perhaps a better choice for you would be Bushnell number 721393, the same thing without the adjustable objective, at a more reasonable $45.00.

If you expect the best quality and performance, though, you have to spend quite a bit more, like on the Leupolds.
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