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Burris vs. Nikon vs. Leupold 3X9

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Burris vs. Nikon vs. Leupold 3X9

Postby spmat on Tue Jul 11, 2006 10:14 pm

Any suggestions for the above brands in the $200 - $300 range? Your input is appreciated. Thanks.
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    Postby Steven_L on Wed Jul 12, 2006 1:04 pm


    You can certainly get a fine scope in that price range.

    My Leupold choice would be the VX-II #56780 ... scope.html

    My Nikon choice would be the #6525 Monarch ... -9x40.html

    My Burris choice would be the #200161 or #200162 ... scope.html

    Make sure to save some money for good rings and bases.
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    Postby Paul on Mon Sep 10, 2007 4:30 pm

    Hi Steven,

    Would you answer this question the same way now more than a year later?
    I am also looking for a scope in the same price range ($200-$300) for a Remington 700 .30-06,
    though it wouldn't necessarily need to be one of the three brands mentioned.
    Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks and regards,

    scope choices?

    Postby Big Squeeze on Mon Sep 10, 2007 6:30 pm

    SPMAT & PAUL........Assuming his reply does not beat mine, I don`t mind beating Steven to the punch!! I`ve done that before! LOL!!! Steven is a good `ol Leupold fan. I happen to be a former Leupold owner! UH OH!!!.....................SPMAT, you mention that you wish to maintain a $300 budget for the scope.... The Burris, Nikon and Leupold VX11 mentioned are all very good scopes. These three will do anything, either on the range or on a hunt that would be expected of them. No doubts there at all.........The real question should be! Do any of these three scopes give the best possible value (in benefits & features), in relation the the dollar that one is spending? Are these three, the best possible choices at the $300 price point? Is there another, better choice lurking out there that will give better value for the dollar?.............Yes there is!! The Bushnell Elite 4200! Why?.........The 4200`s optic quality in clarity & resolution exceeds the Leupold VX 11, as well as equaling or exceeding the VX111. As a matter of fact, many reviews by Elite owners have stated so!! The Nikon & the Burris optics will come very close to the Elite, but will not exceed the Elite 4200.........Along with the fully coated lenses, the 4200, as an added benefit, utilizes the Rainguard lens coating feature. I strongly believe this to be partially superior to the lens coatings used by Leupold or Nikon. With the Elite 4200, you are 1000% assured, that you will never miss a shot opportunity in ANY extreme weather condition due to distortions, moisture, driving rain, fogging, snow, blizzards, or sleet!!! You name it!.............The construction on the 4200 uses a 1 piece tube combo of aluminum and a % of titanium alloy, increasing its strength to the best possible standard, making this scope as durable as any out there..........The adjustable turrets for windage & elevation are very easily performed by hand (unlike some Leupolds) and the 4200 has audible clicks! Sighting in this scope could not be easier. Once it is set on zero, forget about it!............The 4200 has been recoil tested for thousands of rounds mounted on a .375 H&H. As a matter of fact, Dave Watson, a noted hunter & Outdoor Life TV host used a 4200 mounted on his .375 H&H during a safari to Africa! Mounted on my 300 mag., I should never have a problem with this scopes durability due to recoil..........The 4200 also has a rubber quick focus front eye piece which is very quick to adjust if needed..........As my warranty says, the warranty on this scope is lifetime & transferable to any new owner without any paper work or card. Also, if you don`t like it, you can return it within a year from the date of purchase............The 4200 was also named the `07 Editor`s choice winner by Outdoor Life magazine!!! You have to assume that there are reasons why..........If you log on to other distribution sites, you can read for yourselves the reviews given by other 4200 owners. With a five star review being the best possible rating, I have yet to see, from any site, any less than a five star review on the Elite 4200!............Before my purchase, I compared the 4200 to the Zeiss Conquest outside & side by side. While the Zeiss was ever so slighty brighter, it was not any more clear or resolute than the Elite. For me, the extra $100 for the Zeiss, was not justified.........To sum it all up! At a $300 price point, no other scope on the market will exceed the benefits and features, that the 3X9 Elite 4200 offers.... None!
    Big Squeeze

    Postby Paul on Tue Sep 11, 2007 5:20 pm

    Thanks for the info Big Squeeze!

    I have heard nothing but great things about the 4200. One of my concerns though was the shorter eye relief but if you don't have any problems with a 300 mag I certainly won't with my .30-06. I even have a friend that has offered to sell me a brand new 4200 4-16x40 for a great price (around the price of a 3-9x40) but I don't know if that magnification would be overkill since with this particular rifle I probably would only be shooting out to 300yrds tops. However, with a 4-16 I could mount it on a more powerful rifle down the road.

    Thanks again for the info, you have inspired me to take another look at the 4200 series.


    Postby Big Squeeze on Tue Sep 11, 2007 5:50 pm

    Paul.............The 4X16, I don`t consider to be overkill, although it is a bit too much for the `06. The 4X16 is longer, heavier & may not quite look as good as the 3X9. If the 4X16 has a 50 MM objective; that is too much! Too high a profile and even more weight. The 4X16 with a 40MM obj. is certainly do-able, but the 3X9 will be your best all-round variable for the `06..........You can be rest assured, that my light weight Ruger Frontier 16.5" barreled compact in a 300 WSM,,, has more recoil.....
    Big Squeeze