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Better scope for Marlin 30/30

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Better scope for Marlin 30/30

Postby ozarkfarm on Thu Nov 18, 2004 9:15 pm

I am looking for a better scope for my Marlin 30/30. I currently have a rather inexpensive Simmons 3x9, 40mm scope on it. I am not pleased with the reflection I get in the reticle at times or with its light gathering capabilities in early morning and evening hunts. It has worked fine, but I have had to pass up shots that I should have been able to take with a better scope. I'm sure the optics are not the best and I don't know enough about lens coatings to know what to look for. Do I need a 50mm scope or should a higher quality 40mm do the job. I seldom need to shoot over 150 yards and often may need to snap shoot when "walking up" deer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Postby on Mon Nov 22, 2004 8:46 am


Going to a 50mm riflescope will not automatically give you a brighter image. If you shoot at lower magnifications with your 3-9, say from 3-6, your current 40mm should be bright enough if it is a fully multi-coated riflescope. At these lower magnifications, a 50mm scope is transmitting more light than your eye can use.

A 50mm scope, however, will give you a slightly sharper image, all things being equal because of its larger lens. You have to balance this, however, with the added expense, weight, and the neccesity of using higher rings to mount it on your 30-30. This will put it considerably higher off the rifle than you may like with the stock on your 30-30.

I would suggest you look at a 40mm scope with solid optics before proceeding with a 50mm scope. This need not be a Swarovski or Zeiss. The Nikon MOnarch, Bushnell Elite 3200 and 4200, Leupold VariX II, III, Burris Signature to name a few, are all excellent optically.
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