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Savage .17 hmr scope

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Savage .17 hmr scope

Postby CD82 on Fri Mar 09, 2007 12:20 am

hello all thought id see if i can get some help here aint got alot of time so ill ask.

ive got a Savage .17 hmr the 93r 17 well im lookin for a scope cant spend much but ive got more ?s than anything

ok ive looked though a Burris Fullfield II an didnt like the optics. i mean it was clear but i couldnt see the dots under the crosshiar. even playing with the focouse i could still barley see it.

now on my Savage mark ii 22 i have a 60 $ bushnell sportsmen an its a great scope.

but since ive bought this 17 i havnt found it a sight partner yet.

ive looked at a Bushnell Banner 3.5-10x36 .17 Super and asked around on other forms an no help. really got no help in any post on this other site.
ive looked though a 3x9x50 bushnell banner at academy an seem to like it but still not sure.

ive also looked thorugh a Pentax Game seeker 3x9x40 an liked what i seen there as well it was clear an all.

i can spend about 120 130 but thats about all i can spend. im goin to be doin some target shooting some cans all kinds of stuff. an do some yote hunting as well now the bushnell 17 scope is it more for paper punching or what ? whats some info on that i havnt found much .

the game seeker pentax whould this be a good choice ?

or the bushnell banner 3x9x50 this oto much scope i mena it seems like it collect alot of light seemd good an clear to me
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go with the Bushnell designed specifically for the 17 HMR

Postby MrGman on Fri Mar 09, 2007 11:46 am

Bushnell Banner 3.5-10x36 .17 Super would be your best choice out of what you are looking at. You will need the adjustable objective to precisely dial out parallax for target shooting at different range distances. The scopes I would really recommend are out of your price range.

Postby CD82 on Fri Mar 09, 2007 11:50 am

ight well guess ill ahve to order it then no where in town has it.

i really was lookin at that game seeker pentax as well

so the bullet drop on that bushnell 17 scope works well too like for targets or for anything or

just curious what scopes whould you recomend im just curious
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17 HMR scopes

Postby sportster92 on Wed Sep 03, 2008 6:01 pm

i just bought a bushnell banner 3x 9x-40 with the circle X and love it. I have the savage 93f 17 also and it works very good. I havnt shot anything but paper yet, so i dont no how it will work against a small animal or varmit at about 100 yards, But so far so good.