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Long eye relief

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Long eye relief

Postby Charlie on Sat Jan 24, 2004 11:45 pm

I am looking for a scope for a Mauser 98, and the mount that I found says that I need a "long eye relief" scope. What is a solid yet inexpensive scope that falls into this category? Or should I try to find another mount for the gun and that would accept more scopes?

Thank you.

Long Eye Relief

Postby Stan @ Opticsplanet on Wed Jan 28, 2004 12:24 pm

Dear Charlie,

The Mauser Gew. 98 - original model 1898 Mauser rifle is very similar to the M1 Springfield rifle. Both of these rifles can take a dove tail rail on them. I would recommend going with a dove tail rail system for your rifle. The main reason would be that it will take most scopes with out any difficulties. Most scopes and scope rings are made with a weaver style mounting system. As for the long eye relief, it is not as important if you are going to be using a weaver style mount. It also depends on where you decide to mount the scope on the rifle itself. For a rifle like this I would recommend nothing smaller then 3-9x42 rifle scope. If you do not want a zoom option then at least a 5x magnification. With these types of scopes the eye relief will be sufficient for this type of rifle. Keep in mind that the farther forward you place the scope the more eye relief you will need. This is not what you want to do, try mounting the scope as close back to the bolt as possible. Some types of scopes that you may want to look into include the following:

Swarovski AV3-10x42 - PLEX Riflescope found at this link, ... -plex.html. This is my favorite scope for general use. It will work extremely well on this rifle.

Kahles Riflescope - Helia C3-12x56-Plex - 30mm tube found at this link, ... -plex.html. This is a great scope for long range and accuracy shooting.

Bushnell ELITE 4200 2.5-10x40 Matte Firefly Reticle Riflescope found at this link, ... 2146m.html. This scope is very nice for all around type of shooting and hunting. It also has a nice reticle called the Fire Fly. This new reticle type can be charged up with a flash light that comes with the scope for evening or early morning hunting or shooting. This scope gathers light very nicely.

Bushnell 3-9X50M LEGEND found at this link, ... egend.html. This is a very good all-around scope for hunting and shooting. All of these scopes will work the best with weaver style mounts.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Best Regards,

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