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Best .308 Riflescope for the money??

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Best .308 Riflescope for the money??

Postby dagomako on Fri Apr 20, 2007 10:03 pm

I am looking for a .308 Scope to put on my FAL rifle... i would like a side focus variable power if possible but fixed power will do. any suggestions? im having a hard time deciding... Thanks!

what do you want to do with your rifle

Postby MrGman on Sat Apr 21, 2007 10:46 am

What is it you want to do with this rifle? Is this long range target shooting you had in mind (guessing from the need of a side focusing AO)? Varmint shooting with possible low light conditions? You need to provide detailed information if you want better advice?

Postby Guest on Sun Apr 22, 2007 1:51 am

The rifle is basicly a target rifle.. with a maximum range of about 400-500 yds or so... possibly it might be use for hunting big game later... i have been looking at IOR/valdada scopes (super m2 6x30mm). i dont mind paying for quality but i want to make sure the scope will fit the bill. I would prefer a scope with target knobs that have .308 bullet drop cams. but if i can find something that will work the same... im all for it.

long range scope for 308

Postby MrGman on Sun Apr 22, 2007 8:59 pm

I have never seen a real Valdala scope, what I have found on the web indicates they are very good. They look very tempting. 6X is not going to be enough for shooting out at 500 yards. 10X would be my minimum, 15 or 16X would be better. Valdala has a very nice 4X14X50mm scope that could fill most of that bill very nicely but its up there at $860. Zeiss has a Conquest model in the same range with a 44mm wide objective lens that actually cost less. The Valdala claims to use the best German glass with the best fully multicoatings on all lenses. I can't say since I have never seen them. Leupold also has a Tactical scope in that range very similar in performance ratings costs are up there as well. Valdala has straight 10X50mm and 16X42mm scopes which for target shooting would be better because you aren't really ever going to crank it back down to the lower magnifications shooting from 100 to 500 yards and with less lenses inside its going to be clearer than any variable of the same range of power at less cost as well. These are true mil-dot scopes. If you learn how to use the mil-dot to determine range when you know the size of your target they are very effective for shooting in competitions out to 1000yards. If you always know the range of your target and its size they aren't really necessary but having the turrets calibrated in true minutes of angle and knowing how to adjust to your .308 cheat sheet card is still very helpful. You can still use the mil-dots to estimate your windage correction better if once again, you learn how to use the mil-dots.

I cannot say about these ballistic calibrated scopes as to how good they are and whether or not they are better than knowing how to use and correctly using a true-mil-dot scope. Burris for example makes a couple of nice scopes, the name is actually confusing with Military-Dot Ballistic Reticle in it but its got a ballistic reticle set up for the .308. Its either mil-dot or ballistic reticle in these not both, you can only have one or the other and tballistic reticles are only calibrated at one magnfication, from what I have seen on the 6X20X50mm for example the ballistic reticle is calibrated for bullet drop of a .308 at 14X not 20X. Changing magnification on these scopes will cause errors in the readings unless you are good at math on the fly and can apply that to the reticle spacing.

Tasco makes the Super Sniper scopes which I have actually seen with a true mil-dot, the focus ring is in the rear where the zoom ring would be because there is no zoom. Making it easy to access and adjust for fine focus. You would have to select either the 10X, 16X or 20X. I myself would prefer the 16X for most usages up to 500 yards. These scopes are only $300 but from what I have seen so far they appear to be worth it. They are clear, rugged and bright, you can do precise zeroing on your target with true military type turrets.

If you have the bucks to spend on a quality Valdala unit and you truly are going to just use it for target shooting, I would get a fixed 16 power scope with the mil-dots and learn how to use them. When you are shooting at 500 yards and the wind is blowing across at 15 mph and you can dial in 10.75 MOA elevation exactly and 7.5moa windage (175grn bullet muzzle velocity of 2635 fps, b/c of 0.495, for example only) and smack that target you will be glad you didn't go with a 6X scope

There is which will give you a free demo version download of their software on how to use the mil-dot scopes acurately if you are not already familiar of what they do. With a good ballistic chart for the ammo type you are using and the knowlege of target size you can be very effective with a mil-dot scope rather than the ballistic reticles of a specialty scope that cannot be switched to another caliber rifle. But I will be honest and cannot say that the ballistic reticle scope would not work better for that given caliber, never used one. Good luck.