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Simmons Atec

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Simmons Atec

Postby JimFromTN on Thu Jul 26, 2007 7:50 am

Simmons Atec is rated best scope for the money by Chuck Hawks. It is Simmons top of the line.

The only thing I dont understand is why you would consider paying $200 for a temporary scope until you can afford a $400 scope. There are several good $200 scopes out there. I don't know how the Atec compares to a Leupold Rifleman, VX1, Nikon Prostaff, Buckmaster, or the Bushnell in the same price range but there are plenty in the $200 range that I would not consider temporary. A temporary would be a scope less than $100 like tasco, BSA, or the low end models of Simmons.

Actually, you might find that you actually shoot better with lower quality optics which might be why the initiator of this thread did so well out at the range. The better the optics, the more you will notice scope movement from things like your heart beat. I put a $25 bsa on my 300 win mag and took it to the range and was getting consistent groups of .5 inches at 100 yards. I went out and got a $600 Nikon Monarch Gold and I now my groupings are right around an inch, a little less on a good day. Sounds to me like a $35 simmons was the perfect scope for a 22 mag rifle that would be used at the range or for plinking or maybe shooting at groundhogs or something. I know I would not be going out and spending hundreds of dollars on it. I would love to have a marlin 22 mag with that scope on it. Of course, I would not put that scope on a rifle that I was going to use on an alaskan hunt where I have to pay almost $1000 for the plane ticket alone either.


Postby JimFromTN on Thu Jul 26, 2007 7:55 am

I'm an idiot. I hit the wrong button. This was suppose to be a reply to the Simmons Deerfirld scope thread.

I am so stupid.


Simmons Atec Master Series

Postby Ron Spinner on Fri Jul 27, 2007 6:20 am

I purchased a Simmons Atec Master Series from Planet Optics last Decemeber 2006, I have since sent it back to Meade Int. twice. Not sure if they sent me the same scope back after testing? But both scopes would not hit the same place twice, it would always shoot low 2 to 4 inches after it was reset. It was mounted on a Remington Auto 243 cal. not much recoil. I have a older Atec on my 30-06 which has been the best scope I have ever owned. Not sure what the problem is with the Master Series, but hopefully Meade will figure it out this time as hunting season is approaching quickly. Not real happy with this scope at this time, but hoping for better times. Thanks
Ron Spinner

Simmons scope on semi auto rifle

Postby MrGman on Fri Jul 27, 2007 8:44 am

It may not necessarily be that the scope is defective. It may be that the shock pulse of the bolt slamming rearward and then forward is knocking the reticle loose. Just because you don't feel much recoil at your shoulder doesn't mean that there isn't other things going on. Your semi auto has got to have a different shock pulse signature than any bolt action rifle. The bolt hitting the stops to the rear and then forward isn't being felt by you but it may be just enough of a 1-2 combo to keep moving the reticle. There are shock pulses everytime that bolt comes to a stop inside the receiver which I am sure your scope is mounted above. The bolt slamming forward and coming to a hard stop to chamber the next round would be the worst but you wouldn't normally feel that one as its going the other way. The rearward pulse is somewhat lessened by the spring.

If you can borrow some one elses more rugged scope for some testing, that might be a good thing to try. That Simmons may not be able to handle the back and forth shock pulses as it just may not have that rugged of a erector set holding the reticle. So it may be dropping position with every return jolt of the bolt. Its something worth looking into. Especially if you get the scope back and it does the exact same thing the third time.


Postby Sako4me on Thu Aug 30, 2007 4:02 am

I think Mr Gman is right about the bolt recoiling doing the damage to the scope I lost a Simmons Deerfield, a Tasco and a Redfield Tracker on my Sks. You get a sort of two stage recoil with semi auto's.
You get the initial recoil of the rifle then a split second later you get the bolt crashing rearwards into the receiver or recoil buffer which I have now since fitted. None of these scopes had been abused and only marks on them were the usual ring marks but all three suffered the same problem of the reticles moving within the scope body.
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