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Recommend Red Dot for .44 cal Taurus Raging Bull

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Post by Ryan_W on Mon Sep 17, 2007 8:48 am


The Bushnell Holosight is as much of a true Holosight as the Eotech, especially when you take into consideration that it is made by EoTech. The Holosight XLP models have EOTech guts and the N Cell Holosight is fully Eotech. However, the controls and seals are not as good. If you are going into combat, go EoTech. For the Civilian Urban "Tactical" target shooters, the Holosight is great. It is basically a stripped down EoTech 510 series with lower grade control buttons.

As for your comparison between the reflex and Holosight, you are correct. A Holosight will also keep working on target if the screen is cracked or covered in mud. The reticle will be visible in the corner of the screen, because it is designed to be projected in relation to the target, not the screen. I am not an EE, so I cannot explain the why or how. You still need to sight in the reticle using the elevation and windage adjustments. When sighted in with a clear screen, the reticle will be near the center of the screen.

Most EoTechs are waterproof down to about 33 ft, with some higher end models like the 553 can go down to 66 ft

Hope this helps

Post by starchild on Thu Sep 13, 2007 7:17 pm

What I learned today according to a local gun shop. Accoding to them there is a big difference between holosight and reflex. The biggest being a reflex sight needs to have the dot placed as close to center of the optic as possible for the shot to be accurate. Where as a holosight can have the reticle placed in the corner of the optics and still remain dead on. I was shocked to find this out. If your shooting a short distance this is probably not an issue. But the farther the shot the farther off you could possibly be using a reflex sight if the reticle is not dead center when pulling the shot.

Can anyone confirm or deny this?

He claimed the bushnell holosight is not truly a holosight like an EOTech. He recommended EO tech over all others because of reliablility. He had a trijicon and let me use the sight. It had a triangle for a reticle. He showed me something about that sight that was not good. The trijicon when aimed at a target that may be in bright light you lose the reticle in the light it cannot be seen. The EO tech did not do this when aimed out the same window into sunlight.

Why is the bushnell according to this dealer not a true holosight though its called a holosight by brand name? He claimed they were different and that the bushnell would be suceptable to the same issue a reflex sight would have. Because the reticle was not floating like on the EOtech

Just trying to verify this information so I can make an educated purchase.

Is EOtech water proof?

Post by Ryan_W on Thu Sep 13, 2007 8:55 am


I don't claim to be an electrical engineer and I really can't explain in detail the differences between a holosight and a reflex other than the holosight uses a hologram to make the reticle appear on the target instead of in front of it, while the reflex sight has a dot that is projected onto the glass of the sight.

Most of either style cannot be noticed on the receiving end except under extreme angles of viewing. This really shouldn't be an issue.

I have not persanally used an auto adjust in dim conditions, but I know the adjustables are great will full brightness adjustability.

Some of the sights I would look at would be the Bushnell Holosight and the Trijicon Red Dot. The Holosight has an integral Weaver mount, but you must purchase a Weaver Mount for the Trijicon.

Recommend Red Dot for .44 cal Taurus Raging Bull

Post by starchild on Wed Sep 12, 2007 8:56 pm

I am looking for a red dot to replace my leupold 2x scope. I want the freedom and eye relief of a red dot to go on this gun.

1. What is difference between, Reflex red dot and a Holo red dot? They look like the same type of scopes to me.

2. Do these type of scopes show the red dot to any significant degree on the other side of the scope and possibly be seen by a deer while aiming. Maybe this isnt an issue, just a thought

3. Do the red dots with auto sense brightness work well for most users? It seems most auto sense dont allow manual overide. It would concern me if to bright and cant dim it down.

Preferably $200 or less (could possibly go higher)
Withstand shock of a .44 magnum
Weaver Mountable
Scope accuracy is solid and consistent shot after shot

Features I would like:
Choice of reticles and sizes
Brightness adjustment
Water proof enough to work in a light rain / snow
Nice optics
Wide field of view