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Won't Ship Back Ordered Product - IN STOCK

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Re: Won't Ship Back Ordered Product - IN STOCK

Post by Same on Thu Aug 29, 2013 12:49 pm

I had a similar experience with Optics Planet. These types of business practices are illegal. You and anyone else who has had this type of experience with this vendor or any other vendor should make a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, and your state's attorney general:

Optics Planet managers should review federal trade laws regarding these types of misrepresentations. When you are selling a product, it is illegal to lie, and managers can be held accountable for employee actions.

Re: Won't Ship Back Ordered Product - IN STOCK

Post by sandrom on Tue May 22, 2012 12:46 pm


As I mentioned in my original post, we don't actually have any sitting in our warehouse at all. It's not a matter of having some in-stock that cost us more so we won't ship it to you.

There are distributors who have the product in-stock who can get it to us extremely quickly. These distributors are offering the product above the new Nikon price. I can't say for sure, but most likely they already had them in-stock, saw that Nikon was going to increase the price and increased their price too.

Nikon is sending the scopes as fast as they can make them. If we were to order scopes today at the new price from Nikon, we would still have to wait just as long as we are waiting for the original order we placed before the price increase.

We continually work with Nikon to get product in as quickly as possible, and to attempt to "beat" price increases to offer our customers as much value as possible. I sincerely hope your order is shipped ASAP.

Alessandro M.

Re: Won't Ship Back Ordered Product - IN STOCK

Post by nova on Wed May 16, 2012 2:50 pm

Hi Alessandro,

I did finally hear from a supervisor today and I assume that was due to your intervention. Thank you for that.

I will tell you what I politely told him. This appears to be a problem between Optics Planet and Nikon. If you or anyone else can offer the product at the full price now, then all of us customers that purchased at the lower price 2 months ago are being scamed.

How could Nikon ship to suppliers at incresed price before meeting their commitment to ship the to the earlier lower price customers. I believe you and or Nikon are hoping the customers cancel so they won't have to meet their commitments. Optics Planet should contact Nikon and ask for credit for all the existing inventory product they ship to backordered customers. Companies do this ALL THE TIME - I know because I'm a business owner.

The supervisor only offered the same explantion as you and I told him I did not believe it was satisfactory. I will wait for the product. But I must admit that I'm contemplating escalating my frustration to the Attorney General.

Re: Won't Ship Back Ordered Product - IN STOCK

Post by sandrom on Wed May 16, 2012 11:26 am

Hi Nova,

I'm extremely sorry for your frustration with this order, and I can understand why you are frustrated. I will try and explain what is happening, and I have already requested a supervisor to contact you as soon as possible.

The item you ordered was on sale at the time, and was valid for the coupon you used. Unfortunately, we had run out of that particular model a few hours earlier. We had already placed an order with Nikon, aware of an upcoming price increase. At that time, no other suppliers had any of that model available.

Now, after the over $100 price increase, suppliers have quantity available to us at the higher price. The product is not in-stock at our warehouses. The price on our website has also increased to coincide with this new higher cost. We still have our order coming from Nikon from before the price increase (which we will use to fill your order.)

We will take a loss on an order to make a customer happy. But in this case the loss is simply too high. We WILL ship you your product as soon as it arrives from Nikon. We will STILL lose money on the order, but we promised you at that price and we will get it to you at that price. We really do value your business, and I'm sorry for the frustration. Hopefully this explanation helps you better understand why your order has been delayed.

Alessandro M.

Won't Ship Back Ordered Product - IN STOCK

Post by nova on Wed May 16, 2012 9:23 am

I placed an order for a Nikon Monarch riflescope 2 months ago. It was on sale on your site and I had a $30 coupon. The order was placed on 3/15. On 3/21 I received my first email telling me there was no inventory. I followed up by email and phone several times and received several different ship dates. However, the item was never shipped.
I called yesterday and asked if I could order the same product. I was told yes and that it was in stock in quantites in several locations. So I asked that they ship the stock product against my existing order. I was told because of my discount that they can not ship from thier stock. In addition, I was previously offered the opportunity to purchase a different product that they did have in stock.
I have requested to speak to a supervior on several occasions and only recevied some generac voice mail and never got a return call. I believe your sales practices are illegal and resemble the old "bait and switch" scams. In addition, you are willing to ship from stock my product to any customer that calls or orders from your website at full price, BUT WONT SHIP TO ME BECAUSE I RECEIVED A DISCOUNT FROM A SALE YOU OFFERED 2 MONTHS AGO.

I would like to have this issue resovled through Optics Planet ASAP.
My order reference number is 1753280