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OP took my order and now wants to back out of the deal!

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Re: OP took my order and now wants to back out of the deal!

Post by larumd on Tue Dec 20, 2011 10:02 am

I left you a voice-mail. I look forward to working with you!

Re: OP took my order and now wants to back out of the deal!

Post by larumd on Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:54 am


I am glad to help. I, first, want to apologize for the frustration. I took the time to look at your order. In short, you asked for Carl Zeiss lenses in a Ray-Ban frame. I see that when the order was placed Heather did not guarantee that we will be able to make Carl Zeiss lenses for a Ray Ban frame. We spoke to Carl Zeiss and they informed us that they will not be able to make the lenses for your frame. You were informed of that right away.

I want to apologize for the inconvinience. However, the order that we took from you was not charged, the card was only authorized and the authorization was released in 24 hours after it was done. As I already mentioned Heather never guaranteed the lenses will be done. She did her best trying to make it happen. However, when the lab said that this will not be possible, on November 21, 2011 Heather notified you and offered replacements and other alternatives. This email went unanswered by you.

The order was on cancelled on 11/30/11 for no reply and the email stated:
“Unfortunately at this time we cannot fulfill your order. We apologize for any inconvenience this cancellation might cause you. If you paid by a credit card, it has not been charged since we could not fulfill your order.
Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!”

Heather has been very apologetic and to quote her exactly: “Believe me Andrew if there was a way I could get what you want done, I’d do it, but there is just no way!!” I have read all of her emails to you and the sincerity is obvious.

I am not sure who you spoke to at OpticsPlanet but you did not speak with the Eyewear Dept, Heather or myself.
I feel that a mistake was made and you were notified. At this time it is impossible to fulfill your order and you are understandably disappointed. Please consider a Serengeti or Bolle frame so that you can have the Carl Zeiss you requested. We can also make prescription lenses for your Ray Ban frame with a different lab. This lab has worked with Ray Ban frames for many years and they can make a great pair of presripiron lenses for you. On top of that we can offer you 10% your next order with us.

I will also follow up this post with a phone call. Thanks for the post!

Re: OP took my order and now wants to back out of the deal!

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 19, 2011 3:59 pm

Order no is: #2510835 (OP:4123191)
Date is: 11/11/2011
Item is: Ray-Ban RX7515 Single Vision Prescription
Price Paid is: $233.89

You might not be aware of what transpired when it was taking place so I will give you the high-points:
1. I contacted Heather for a quote and she asked me to repeat the request via email -which I did.
2. I accepted the written quote provided and placed the order with her directly.
3. I received an order confirmation email with attached invoice.
4. The invoice had the following text: "We apologize, but the items listed above in the "Not Shipped" column are currently out of stock."
5. I received an email from Heather that made no sense whatsoever referring to brands, labs, contracts, refunds and everything except that you didn't have the product in stock.
6. At no point was I offered the alternative of back ordering the product.
7. I received several follow-up emails from Heather that also failed to mention that Optics Planet had sold something that they didn't have in stock and couldn't/wouldn't get. The focus was on labs and contracts and how you couldn't make/sell glasses and how your lab was actually now a 3rd party lab, etc. etc.
8. My last email went un-answered on 11/21/2011
9. I received an unsigned system-generated email saying "Your Order 2510835 Reference Cancelled"
10. I contacted the company by telephone -no one wants to discuss it.
11. I posted a number of online reviews to alert other buyers of the company's ungraceful and unprofessional handling of the matter.
12. You posted a request for order number. I provided this narrative so that readers can understand that this is a real case and that something similar could easily happen to them. (suggest you read reviews: reseller,, etc.) This is a recurring theme among the complaints against Optics Planet.

Larem, Optics Planet has not kept the agreement they made with me. Optics Planet gave me a quote, took my order, sent order confirmation, sent an invoice, took my money, backed out of the whole thing and is now ignoring me. The company seems to believe that ignoring the problem is the best way to make it go away.
If you have a genuine interest in filling my order, I invite you to do so. Until then, I will continue with my plans to file a claim with the appropriate authorities.

Re: OP took my order and now wants to back out of the deal!

Post by larumd on Mon Dec 19, 2011 2:26 pm

Hello "Ripped off",

If you could please post your order number so that check into the status and see what actually occurred. We don't go through the process of making quotes, placing and then cancelling orders without a very good reason. Or you can call me directly at 1-800-504-3075 ext 320.

I look forward to working with you!

OP took my order and now wants to back out of the deal!

Post by Ripped off on Mon Dec 19, 2011 2:12 pm

I contacted (in writing) Optics Planet to ask for a quote.
I received the quote (in writing) and accepted it with no changes.
Optics Planet accepted my order, accepted my payment, sent order confirmation and now they want to back out of the deal! (everything is documented) Since the quote was accepted as-is, I see no basis for the company to walk away. All I got was an unsigned noreply email saying the order was canceled. Now they don't reply to email anymore. Why wouldn't the deal be good for them if they wrote all the terms? I think they're using the bait and switch tactic and when they can't switch you, they just cancel the order. How convenient is that? ...They just take all orders and then cancel the ones they don't want to fill. No business with integrity would ever do that and in Texas, it's against the law. Maybe I should involve the state AG (?)

Thought I would post before escalating my case on the off-chance that the decision-maker who decided this wasn't the one running the company.