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Aimtech Warhammer Remington 870

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Topic review

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Re: Aimtech Warhammer Remington 870

Post by Trevor_B on Tue Mar 29, 2011 4:42 pm

Amazing Review!!!!!!

Aimtech Warhammer Remington 870

Post by Kamboh on Fri Mar 25, 2011 11:55 am

Aimtech Warhammer for Remington 870 tactical review.

I purchased the Warhammer through and it cost 82.00 with shipping included. Prior to me choosing the optics planet retail site I looked through other websites and with optics planet, it was the cheapest in terms of price and shipping; which was free. All other sites wanted between 95-100 dollars so optics planet is the best choice.

Contents in the box contained

Warhammer tactical shotgun rail
2 black C shaped barrel clamps.
2 trigger pin screws along with the hex keys.
4 small screws with hex keys included.
1 instruction manual with additional attachment information regarding attaching accessories.


Since I have wanted a rail for my shotgun to attach a red dot I started looking for a few weeks and did my research. Most companies recommended that I should either buy a strip mount base and drill and tap the body or buy a mount that attached itself using the trigger pins like a side saddle. Since I did not prefer to drill holes into my shotgun I chose to look for a side saddle plus top rail mount. I went on and viewed the forums to see what people there were using. After about an hour reading various topics on the subject matter I found a post regarding the Aimtech Warhammer. The information I read was enough to peak my interest since some members have managed to attach iron sights as well as a red dot optic. Through some reviews on sites like YouTube, the feedback was more positive than negative.


The Warhammer also acts as a heat shield which is an obvious bonus. Upon inspection the weaver based rail system is lighter than I thought. Made of strength aluminum it weighs about the same as a folded t-shirt so about 1lbs. 24oz.
The top rail is 20 ¼ inches long. If you have a 19.5” barrel you will have 5 3/16” of space left at the end of the rail to how much barrel is exposed.
The two side rails are 5” and you have an option to place them back ½” for some reason if you wanted to move it and you did not want it to sit flush with the end of the rail. The side rails are angled 70-75 degrees most likely to allow the fore-end to seat properly forward without any intrusion from the side rails.
The barrel clamp secures the front end to the barrel is also made of the lightweight solid aluminum and comes in two pieces which join together by two lower screws that go between the barrel and magazine extension. Marrying the top rail to the clamp are two screws which attach through 1 of 3 holes on the side rail. The screws are not that long so a person that buys this product does not have to worry about screws biting into the barrel for a proper seal.
If you have ever attached a side saddle to your Remington 870 shotgun, installation will take you about 10 minutes to install and that time frame includes aligning the rail system from rear to front. If you are not familiar with attaching a side saddle to your shotgun then Aimtech includes a step by step explanation with its instruction sheet. The instructions do not come with numerical steps like 1, 2, 3 but it’s simple to understand and there are a three reference pictures (which should be enough).

Pros and cons:

-The price < 100.00 USD.
-No drilling or tapping.
-Stable mounted rail platform for sights and optics.
-Lightweight and sturdy.
-Easy to install with minimal effort or strain.
-Hex keys included!
-Easy to read instructions.
-Double mounting contact points to sustain zero after shotgun is sighted.
-American made.
-Sight bead can still be used and seen (there is a gap under the rail).

-Iron sights sit very high on a standard or tactical stock. Because of this a proper cheek weld cannot be achieved. Imagine using your chin where your cheek should be.
-No room for side saddle.
-Front screws should be thicker for a more confident clamp.
-Side rails are attached with bolt and nut.

The result:

The manual states using loctite because due to the hard recoil of the weapon parts tend to come loose. With my first 10 rounds of 12ga. birdshot I had to tighten the front screws but after I applied the loctite everything was all good. I shot 30 more rounds of bird then switched to the buckshot. And the screws held firm. The trigger pins threatened to walk-out but that is pretty much what might happen when I use Federal power-shok. I used 25 rounds. Lastly I used slug and the platform held solid. The Aimtech Warhammer is a very reasonably priced shotgun rail sight platform. I recently had a chance to look at the Rhino Rail by Elite Tactical Advantage at a gun show and found that the one piece aluminum chasse is quite impressive and can transform your shotgun into a truly tactical platform however the Aimtech Warhammer also provides that same feature as well as the “tactical look” most gun enthusiast want to achieve. The RR (Rhino Rail) top rail is ½” longer than the AWH (Aimtech Warhammer) however the side rails are the same 5” in length. The RR does have a bottom rail which can accommodate anything from a laser to a tactical flashlight but you can also attach a flashlight on either of the side rails on the AWH. Both rail systems can turn the 870 into a multi-mission rail platform. Flip-up iron sights can be attached for greater accuracy over long distances and the gap space from rail to gun body is the same. One other difference that came across my review was the price. A RR cost about $239.00- $250.00 USD as opposed to the $82.00-$100.00 USD to the AWH. These days price alongside a quality product wins consumer conscious budgets.

Recent image: 3-26-11
*Note AWM does not come in gray matte finish. I used alumi-hyde to refinish the Warhammer.